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MASTERING THE ART OF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY IN MADURAI Capturing the subject into a photograph is the art of portrait photography. As of now portrait photography is travelling the miles apart in searching for the subject beyond the people. Usually great portrait photography is the process of combining technology and artistic vision. The art of portrait photography is generally capturing the stunning and emotional attention of the particular subject. Portrait pictures are the ones which have a great story to tell. Portrait picture taking is the modern form of storytelling art where it requires less effort than painting. If you are the person with the good skill of capturing the expressions and emotions then you will become the master of portrait photography. Here we enlist some techniques and suggestions through which you can master the art of photography.

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Focus on the subject: For effective portrait photography in Madurai you need a clear subject. Making the subject more convenient is the significant thing you need to do while you are going through the portrait photography session. If possible meet up the subject in person and create a connection or bond. Make the subject to understand your style of photography and explain your requirement about the poses in the time of photoshoot. Identify the ability of the subject and blend your plan with the capability of the subject. Always follow a communicative wavelength with the subject before and during the shoot. Identify the Right Location: The final result of a portrait picture will always get influenced by your location selection. Shooting in the outdoors with natural lights will always give you an excellent output but as the best photography in Madurai you still need to concentrate on the poses. If you are in the plan of making outdoor shoots you need to make the plan as per the weather conditions time of day and especially you need to look after the light and environmental conditions of the particular shoot day. Make yourself

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be aware and stay away from direct sunlight. Since it may squint your subject following this guideline will be more secure. Choosing morning or late afternoon will bring your pic a lovely warm and natural glow. If you are planning to make it in indoor then you have to take care of the backdrops model’s clothes and so on. The right pose will blend in the right wavelength: Initially try out with different poses in different angles to find out the best out of the thing. If you are ready and get finalized with the pose then make some slight changes to make every shot a perfect one. Always keep your lighting availability backdrop selection and the camera angle while selecting the right pose for the subject. As the best photo studio in Madurai yashfoto is following these guidelines and techniques for offering a wonderful portrait picture to its clients. To know more just log on to or call us on 98405 45509.

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