Life is like a cup of coffee


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Every one likes to have a nice profession.But life can be happy even with a simple job

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good one

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Very good ppt

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really great may get it.

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Life is like a cup of coffee : 

Life is like a cup of coffee By Unknown

Slide 2: 

A group of Alumni highly established in their careers,

Slide 3: 

Got together to visit their old University Professor…

Slide 4: 

Conversation soon turned into complaints…

Slide 5: 

… about stress ,work and life

Slide 6: 

Offering his guests coffee the Professor went in the kitchen…

Slide 7: 

… and returned with a large Pot of coffee and and assortment of cups…

Slide 8: 

Porcelain… Plastic… Glass… Crystal…

Slide 9: 

Some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite

Slide 10: 

After everyone had a cup of coffee in hand the professor said….

Slide 11: 

“ if you notice all the expensive, nice looking cups have been taken and the only ones left are the cheap plain ones…

Slide 12: 

… While is normal to want the best for yourselves That is the source of your stress and problems…

Slide 13: 

Be assured that the cup adds nothing to the quality of the coffee…

Slide 14: 

In most cases it is just more expensive or even hides what we drink…. What you really wanted was coffee not the cup…

Slide 15: 

But you consciously went for the best cups and then… You started eyeing each others cups to see who had the best one…

Slide 16: 

Now consider this… Life is the Coffee… The Job, money and position in society are the cups…

Slide 17: 

They are just tools…

Slide 18: 

To hold and contain…

….LIFE!!!! : 

….LIFE!!!! And the quality of cup we have does not define the quality of life we live.

Slide 20: 

Sometimes by concentrating on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee….

Slide 21: 

Slideshare By Xenia