Simple things in life are priceless


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Simple things in life…. : 

Simple things in life…. Are Priceless…

Slide 2: 

Breath in your nostrils

Slide 3: 

Light in your eyes

Slide 4: 

A Smile

Slide 5: 

Flowers under your feet

Slide 6: 

The wind in your hair…

Slide 7: 

Rain on the window …

Slide 8: 

A Snowy Sky

Slide 9: 

The Flight of a bird…

Slide 10: 

The Bliss of Growth…

Slide 11: 

The Glory of Action,

Slide 12: 

The Splendor of Beauty;

Slide 13: 

The murmur of the ocean

Slide 14: 

Sea Mist…

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Slide 16: 

A Kind Word

Slide 17: 


Slide 18: 

The path of righteousness ahead of you

Slide 19: 

Knowing our Creator and Purpose in Life

Slide 20: 

Following the Sunnah ( Tradition) of Prophet Muhammad( peace and blessings be upon him)

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We struggle with the complexities and ignore the simple . By Xenia

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