Quotes of the Day!!!!


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Quotes of the Day!!!! : 

Quotes of the Day!!!!

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Man shall have only what he strives for.

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Man is most combatative of all creatures.

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Do not walk proudly on earth, you shall not reach the heights of mountains nor tear the earth

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The pious walk meekly on earth, and when addressed by a fool, they say, Peace.pious

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God does not love braggart, vain man.

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Avoid suspicions, some suspicions are sins. Do not spy.

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You have been created of male and female, your divisions into clans and tribes is for you to know each other.

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Do not defame one another, or call one other bad names Do not back bite, would you like to devour the dead body of your brother?

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Let not the hatred of any people, deviate you from Justice. Judge rightly; this is nearest to fearing of God.

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Every one is a mortal.

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If friends were flowers, I would pick you! Have a nice Day! Slideshare by Xenia http://xeniagreekmuslimah.wordpress.com

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