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DRUPAL: A Reliable Platform over other CMS:

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This world is nowadays based on the parallel, but much larger virtual world. The presence of companies and other organizations here is mostly in the form of websites and applications pertaining to their clients and market that handle all visitor-related content and data. There also exist a host of CMS options (Content Management Systems) on which to build these websites and applications. There is the ever-famous ‘ Wordpress ’ or the technical ‘ Joomla ’ or the extensive ‘Drupal’. Your choice of platform amongst these should ideally be based on the kind of technicalities, depth and performance you are looking for in your virtual presence on the whole. Drupal has slowly but steadily charged ahead to become the choicest option for web development these days. This is mainly because it is an open source PHP script code that can easily be customized and deepens as per functionality requirements. Let us understand it's features further: Copyright © 2O19 Xeliumtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.xeliumtech.com [email protected]

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As the software at core is free, web development on this platform becomes a very pocket friendly option. There also exist scores of themes, modules and functionalities to play around with. All-in-all a win-win situation for the developer. The software and it's modules are easily deployable and then customizable. It means that as an enterprise, you are free to make changes to your website even after the module deployments. Moreover, it is mobile friendly. This platform can be utilized even to develop most sought after and hi-tech applications . The websites and applications created can be easily extended as per content requirements. Thus, your virtual presence with Drupal shall always be scalable. Streamlining them as per SEO guidelines(necessary to be found on the internet these days) and a well knit support for social media platforms and API's is also easily found. In fact, as Drupal classifies and categorizes content, it tends to make your website comparatively easily searchable. Copyright © 2O19 Xeliumtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.xeliumtech.com [email protected]

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Millions of ‘ Drupal’ users and developers worldwide ensure that you always have help as and when required. But, overall it is tough platform in terms of technical understanding. It requires basic knowledge of PHP, HTML and underlying CSS concepts to say the least. Naive user options (like Wordpress ) are next to nil in this case. It is the sturdiest option in terms of content and functionalities that it can manage. In this regard, it is the most sought option to develop large websites and social media platforms, that are required to hold on to large amounts of data with scalable functionalities. Copyright © 2O19 Xeliumtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.xeliumtech.com [email protected]

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Drupal 8 is already out. Drupal 9 version is expected in 2020. The newer version is expected to inherently have a media library as a support for developers to embed these themes and functionalities with a snap-of-finger ease. As a website developer and coder you could expect Drupal to manage everything for you; be it, search polls, blogs, text, indentations, graphics, videos, etc. only if you can somehow manage to understand its basics. The scope is endless and requirement minimal. Go on, give it a try . If you have anything specific in mind or wish to hire Drupal Developers , do write to us [email protected] Copyright © 2O19 Xeliumtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.xeliumtech.com [email protected]

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