Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer:

Lung Cancer Xander Ballesteros 7 th period Coach Miller

Lung cancer:

Lung cancer Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers. Lung cancer starts in the lungs and spreads. Lung cancer is very common with smokers.


Symptoms Coughing, usually dry or coughing up blood Weakness Loss of appetite Hoarse voice Weight Loss Pain in ribs/chest when breathing


Prevention Avoid secondhand smoke Healthy diet Exercise Not smoking or stopping smoking


Risks Smoking is the largest risk of getting lung cancer Secondhand smoke is just as bad as smoking unfortunately Genetic history of lung cancer

Mortality rate:

Mortality rate Roughly 158,000 people die every year from lung cancer

Diagnosis rate:

Diagnosis rate Roughly 221,200 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer every year.


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