Muscle Fatigue

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Muscle Fatigue:

Muscle Fatigue Xander Ballesteros 7 th Period

What is Muscle Fatigue?:

What is Muscle Fatigue? Muscle fatigue, also knows as physical fatigue, is when the muscle declines the ability to create force. There are two main causes of muscle fatigue. The limitation of nerve’s ability to generate a signal (neural fatigue). Reduced ability of the muscle fiber to contract (metabolic fatigue).

Muscle Contraction:

Muscle Contraction The way muscles work is by contractions. The cells detect a flow of electrical impulses from your brain. This signals the muscles to contract through the release of calcium. Fatigue may occur due to the nerve having issues, or the muscle cells may not be functioning properly.

Nervous Fatigue:

Nervous Fatigue N erves are in charge of controlling the contractions of muscles, as well as determining the number, sequence, and force of the contraction. Most movements in daily activities require much less than what the muscle could actually perform. Barring pathological nervous fatigue is an issue. Nervous fatigue can be a limiting factor in untrained people when using force that is near the limit of the muscles force. The muscles ability to generate force is limited by the nerve’s ability to send and maintain a high-frequency signal in novice strength trainers. Once the period of maximum contraction, the nerve’s signal reduces in frequency until the force originally created goes down until it diminishes. Strength training trains your muscles to sustain this frequency longer.

Metabolic Fatigue:

Metabolic Fatigue Metabolic fatigue is commonly used as a term for the reduction in contractile force due to the direct or indirect effects of: Shortage of substrates within the muscle fiber Accumulation of metabolites within the muscle fiber which interfere with the process of calcium releasing, or with the ability of calcium to stimulate muscle contraction.


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