Sudden Cardiac Death

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Sudden cardiac death:

Xander Ballesteros Sudden cardiac death


Definition Sudden cardiac death/arrest (SCD/SCA) is when suddenly, the heart stops working, causing death. It is unexpected cardiac arrest leading to death. Although it is not a heart attack, it can occur during a heart attack. Heart attacks occur when there is blockage in an artery leading to the heart. If the oxygen-rich blood can not reach the heart, the heart muscle will become damaged. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the electrical system to the heart suddenly becomes irregular due to a malfunction. The heart begins beating quickly. The ventricles may flutter or quiver, causing blood to not be delivered to the body. The biggest issue is the blood not reaching the brain. If it does not, it will cause you to go unconscious. If emergency treatment does not occur quickly, death will follow losing consciousness.

What causes sudden cardiac death?:

What causes sudden cardiac death? The main reason sudden cardiac death occurs is irregular or abnormal heartbeat rhythms, known as arrhythmias. The most dangerous variation of this is ventricular fibrillation. Ventricular fibrillation is erratic, disorganized firing of impulses from the ventricles. This causes the heart to not be able to pump any blood. If untreated, death will occur within minutes.

Incidence and how to prevent it:

Incidence and how to prevent it There are anywhere from 180,000 to 450,000 cases of sudden cardiac death annually. Ways to prevent sudden cardiac arrest depends on whether you’ve had it before, never had it but are high risk, or you’ve never had it and have no risk factor. If SCA has already occurred, you are at high risk of SCA occurring again. There is technology called implantable cardiovascular defibrillator that reduces chances of dying from a second SCA. If you have high risk factor for SCA, but have never had it, your doctor may prescribe a medicine called beta blocker to lower your risk. There are other treatments, such as angioplasty or coronary artery bypass grafting. If you are at low risk for SCA and have never had it, following a healthy lifestyle and staying fit and active is the best you can do to avoid SCA.

Sudden cardiac death risk factors:

Sudden cardiac death risk factors Risk factors to sudden cardiac death include Family history of coronary disease Smoking High B lood Pressure High Blood C holesterol Obesity Diabetes A Sedentary Lifestyle Excessive Amounts of Alcohol (More than two glasses per day)


Treatment Treatment is crucial to surviving SCA. If you do not begin treatment immediately, death can occur within minutes. To treat sudden cardiac arrest, you must have a defibrillator. Defibrillators send an electric shock to your heart. With every minute after SCA that passes, the chances of surviving SCA drastically decrease. After use of a defibrillator, 911 must be dialed right away to call an ambulance. There is no way to treat it other than immediate assistance.


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