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Habitaters . . . Race For The Cure® September 27th 2009

Race for the Cure® : 

Race for the Cure® On September 27, Athens hosted the first annual Greek Race for the Cure®, organized by Alma Zois, a breast cancer advocacy and support group that helps women through their treatment and promotes early detection. The Race brought together breast cancer survivors, their families, friends, supporters and advocates joining forces to show strength, courage and solidarity.

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Yvette M. Jarvis President Habitat for Humanity Greater Athens

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St. Catherine’s Student Volunteers

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Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou

Slide 28: 

Athens Mayor Nikita Kaklamanis

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Deputy Minister of Health Fofi Gennimata

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Race For The Cure® ZAPPEION September 27th, 2009

Habitat for Humanity Greater Athens : 

Habitat for Humanity Greater Athens To all of our members and Student Volunteers who came out to support!

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R.I.P. In Memory Of Cheryl D. Jarvis

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“Pink Warrior” Written & Performed by Candy Coburn Slideshow Created by Word Man

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