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Regional Planning: 

Regional Planning The case of Envision Utah Heather Puckett, Spencer Brimley, Justin Lindley, James Caniglia, Todd Kennedy

Envision Utah: 

Envision Utah 1997 public/private partnership form Envision Utah 4 step process 5 years to complete the plan

Envision Utah Quality Growth Strategy: 

Envision Utah Quality Growth Strategy Enhance air quality Increase mobility and transportation choices Preserve critical lands, including agricultural, sensitive and strategic open lands

Envision Utah Quality Growth Strategy: 

Envision Utah Quality Growth Strategy Conserve and maintain availability of water resources Provide housing opportunities for a range of family and income types Maximize efficiency in public and infrastructure investments to promote other goals

Envision Utah Quality Growth Strategy: 

Envision Utah Quality Growth Strategy Each goal was broken into different strategies 32 individual strategies total Each strategy is broken down even more into “Why”, “Who”, and “How”


Implementation Envision Utah will work with local and state governments and private sector planners to implement the goals Provide technical tools and resources Strategies provide a framework to accomplish the goals


GIS and Land Use The Envision Utah analysis was admittedly an extremely ambitious undertaking.  Not all areas will have the resources to undertake such an extensive or coordinated effort. The GIS analysis relied upon a substantial effort to collect land use and zoning data A qualitative, consensus-based land use forecasting approach has the advantage that it incorporates considerable locally developed expert knowledge.  Complications


Limitations Difficulties in predicting transportation models for areas.  The air quality metrics showed only small differences among scenarios.  http://envisionutah.org/toolbox_pdf/Chapter_6.pdf

Regional Transportation: 

Regional Transportation http://www.envisionutah.org/resourcesfiles/34/History%20Of%20Envison%20Utah%20v5%20part%201.pdf

Early 1990’s: 

Early 1990’s UTA starts light rail planning Residents reject idea Light rail development continues with out public support

Envision Utah: 

Envision Utah Public involvement Education and awareness Creates pro transit environment http://www.envisionutah.org/projectsfiles/28/Wasatch%20Choices%202040%20newsletter%20(summer%202005).pdf http://www.kenyattacheese.net/images/20040901_protest.jpg (edited by Justin)

Commuter Rail: 

Commuter Rail FrontRunner Union Pacific Corridor Phase 1 is 44 miles http://www.rideuta.com/calendarAndNews/commuterRail/ http://www.rideuta.com/calendarAndNews/commuterRail/

Commuter Rail: 

Commuter Rail 9 stops 20 minutes during peak 40 minutes off-peak Connections to light rail and bus system. ADA accessibility http://media.graytvinc.com/images/Metrolink+Commuter+Train.jpg http://www.mondousa.com/shared/images/reference/tran_pop02.jpg

Light Rail: 

Light Rail TRAX 4 new lines extensions http://www.lightrailnow.org/images/slcst06.jpg http://deseretnews.com/photos/1084906.jpg

Bus Rapid Transit: 

Bus Rapid Transit Express service Future development of separated lane http://www.transalt.org/press/magazine/042Spring/images/17bus.jpg http://www.rideuta.com/calendarAndNews/BRT/files/BRTMap.jpg

Transit-oriented Design: 

Transit-oriented Design TOD guidelines used by communities Commuter and light rail stations

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