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Winkpay is specialized in secured mobile wallet platform development for the FinTech Industry. Winkpay is the Financial related technological Service and Product Development for the Payment industry. The Company provides the best products of the Mobile Wallet SDK and Mobile Wallet API.


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Winkpay - Wallet SDK

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Winkpay-Wallet SDK What is SDK Why you use our Winkpay What is Cryptocurrency Wallet Secure Transaction with Winkpay Features of Winkpay

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What is SDK SDK stands for software development kit or devkit for short. It’s a set of software tools and programs used by developers to create applications for specific platforms. The SDK will typically contain a wide range of tools libraries documentation code samples processes and guides that allow developers to build an app for a platform.

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Why you use our Winkpay A money wallet API and a money wallet SDK that substantiates yourfinancial wing. Wink Pay is a highly secured and customizable mobile wallet that can be used as a standalone application or integrated into your existing business to strengthen your financial edge in the industry. The transactions are smooth and clutter-free. Wink Pay also provides you with data analytics which can prove to be crucial while strategizing.

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what is cryptocurrency wallet Cryptocurrency wallet is a program that interacts with blockchains so that users could exchange funds conduct operations and monitor their balance.

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Secure Transaction with Winkpay The mobile wallet is built incorporating the world’s best encryption techniques to ensure no data finds its way out.

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Features of Winkpay Explanation Secured Wallet WithPasscode And Finger Print: Give your users the security confidence and power to pay with confidence with passcode protection and secured fingerprint authentication. Winkpay has been developed such a way to make sure that the transactions are held and sent in a secure way. This will also prevent illegal money transfer through your application.

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Scan And Pay: Scan and Pay with QR code makes the payment method faster. Give your users an unique QR code through which others can send payment swiftly.

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Detailed Dashboard: The dashboard gives a detailed description of the recent transactions available balances and quick access buttons to add money. Users can check their wallet balance and add money instantly to transfer.

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Transaction ConfirmationReceipt: For every transaction users get a successful confirmation receipt with details mentioned clearly. The transaction fees are mentioned clearly with date and time. User also get notified for canceled payments.

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Get your money wallet support around the world with Wink Pay’s Multicurrency support. Expand your business globally to reach multiple users. Users can setup their country for the default currency in the platform Multi Currency Support:

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