How to Win Sweepstakes: 19 Ways (with Summary)

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Team has answered briefly here to the question how to win sweepstakes online. When it comes to sweepstakes, it’s important to stay alert. Broadly the more early you find out and take part in lucrative deals online the more chance for you to win it. Once you finish reviewing the presentation, you’ll find quite easily how to win sweepstakes and giveaways. Visit today to find even more how to win sweepstakes tips!


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Sweepstakes 19 Secrets to Win Sweepstakes Here are some of my favorite ways to keep participate and win sweepstakes

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Create profile and set-up a second email account for you to manage everything efficiently “

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Search sweepstake aggregator sites and register to help you reach latest news “

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Review and refine the list of all contests available to improve the chances of winning “

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Take time to meet the guidelines for participation (say form fill-up process) in selected contests “

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Where permissible, boost your odds of winning by submitting multiple entries “

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Subscribe or get connected on social platforms with brands to get early bird offers (if any) “

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Read T&C carefully always before entering into a contest since US residents may need to pay tax on it “

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Try to find through Google’s advanced search features and respond to local offers or lesser-known offers since sweepstakes that are running nationwide are harder to win “

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Automate the boring process by taking advantage of online tools like, form filler to complete entries easily without error “

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Claim your prize – it’s easy if you attend phone calls or check emails regularly and complete the claim process accurately on time “

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Start exploring sweepstake forums to get updates and latest trends and tips – even think about using the sweepstakes toolbar from as an option in addition to RSS reader to monitor news feeds and listening to radio “

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Follow sweepstakes companies on Twitter for find contests or giveaways and on Facebook in quest for freebies, coupons, promo codes, exclusive deals, special daily offers to their followers “

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You can setup Google alerts, visit directories that are built around sweepstakes, search web and visit sweepstake sponsor’s website, participate in referral program or get referrals from friends to improve your chances of winning “

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Every win, no matter how small or big, is owe a celebration so take part in sweepstakes as often as possible however be smart and think logical – know your rights and obligation as an American citizen and don’t expect to win all time “

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Make sure to keep the backup with you – say take a print out of filled up entry form or contact information as a proof of your timely submission so you can use those (if applicable) in absence of the originals “

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Distinguish your entry by answering correctly and following precisely the sweepstake rules in addition to do little decoration over envelope – it will be beneficial if you able to present your entry as qualified as possible “

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Be patient, stay positive and most importantly stop blaming your luck – find the best way to make the most of your determination “

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Don’t spend much time on responding spam emails especially those international lotteries! With a good antivirus, you possibly able to reduce such scam emails – apply your common sense

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