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Diet Free Weekends ©"Diet"Free"Weekends" 1"

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© Diet Free Weekends 2 " It’s here Finally a solution that lets you have your weekends back Hi These are our kids Champ and Deakan. During the week Mike is busy with helping thousands of people all over the world with his online fitness programs and coaching while Sabrina is taking the kids to school and in the near future starting a home schooling program. During the week we’re in a routine. We know what to expect. It’s actually “easy” for us to stick to a solid nutrition plan. But when the weekend comes we finally have well-deserved family time and we don’t want to waste a minute of this precious time with “well we can’t eat there because it doesn’t go with our diet”. So after much tweaking and testing out with Mike’s clients as well ourselves we are so excited to bring something that works while letting you enjoy your favorite foods with your friends and family every weekend. Now this is not a “miracle” program that will let you melt 10 pounds in 9 days. There’s enough of those on the market right However what this is… it’s a simple doable and sustainable plan. And you know what It’s the most ENJOYABLE plan on the market. We look forward to hearing your success and having fun again on the weekends without the guilt Mike and Sabrina Whitfield "

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" © Diet Free Weekends 3 Disclaimer You must get your physician or dietician’s approval before beginning this nutrition program. The recommendations in this and any other document are not medical guidelines but are for educational purposes only. You must consult your physician prior to starting this or any other program or if you have any medical condition or injury that can possibly worsen with any diet program. This program is designed for healthy individuals 18 years and older only. The information in this document is meant to supplement not replace a doctor’s advice. Mike Whitfield Sabrina Whitfield or anyone associated with Crank Training LLC advises readers to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits. The dietary programs in this book are not intended as a substitute for any exercise routine or treatment or dietary regimen that may have been prescribed by your physician. See your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program. If you are taking any medications you must talk to your physician before starting. You must have a complete physical examination if you are sedentary if you have high cholesterol high blood pressure or diabetes if you are overweight or if you are over 30 years old. Please discuss all nutritional changes with your physician or a registered dietician. If your physician recommends that you don’t use this or any other program please follow your doctor’s orders.

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© Diet Free Weekends 4 Quick Overview No fluff. You want a way to enjoy your weekends right Cool let’s forget all the boring “sciency” stuff and heart-warming stories blah blah blah. Let’s get to the “meat” of the program. First here’s a rough outline of what you get to experience with this program: Monday - Thursday – Be good. Friday – Sunday – Enjoy yourself. It’s all set up so you can do this week in and week out and still lose up to 3 pounds of fat every week. You MUST eliminate ALL doubt when starting this program. There’s a strong chance you’ll feel “odd” by enjoying yourself more. But basically here’s why this works: Other diet programs focus on a DAILY calorie decrease This program focuses on a WEEKLY calorie decrease Just like a final destination there are numerous ways to get to a final destination just look at any map. Diets work in the same way. However the principles in this guide are so powerful and doable because it coordinates with your willpower. Your willpower is at its strongest at the beginning of the week so you’ll take advantage of this along with some hormonal “tricks” that trigger your body to burn more fat during those 4 days Monday through Thursday.

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" © Diet Free Weekends 5 Pretty cool stuff… Now here’s the deal... you want results right Nothing is more earth shattering than to commit to something and then seeing no results. So that’s why I suggest you use the Success Tracking Journal and DO NOT rely solely on the scale. The scale can be your worst enemy. Sure it can be ONE tool to use but definitely do not let that be your one and only way of tracking progress. I once had a client that lost only 5 pounds but went down 2 sizes. That sentence was underlined and bolded on purpose. You should read it twice. There’s more info in the Success Journal but the idea is to use a tape measure every 4 weeks on the same day at the same time. We recommend Thursdays as this is just before your reward weekend. Definitely DO NOT track on Mondays Cool Alright on the next page you’ll see exactly what you’ll get inside this program. At the end of the manual you’ll also find the Frequently Asked Questions section very helpful. These were the most common questions asked during the testing with clients AKA “guinea pigs”. Let’s do this

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" © Diet Free Weekends 6 Table of Contents 5 Simple Rules ........................................................ Page 7 Break-in Period ....................................................... Page 9 “Plan B” ................................................................ Page 11 Daily Plan ................................................................ Page 19 No-Counting Calorie Method ................................ Page 21 Weekly Grocery List .............................................. Page 23 Sample Weekly Meal Plan ..................................... Page 26 Frequently Asked Questions ................................ Page 27

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© Diet Free Weekends 7 The 5 Simple Rules of the Diet Rule 1 – Eat Only Until You’re Full on Reward Meals For one thing eating until you’re miserable takes the JOY out of enjoying your foods. Now you’re just “EN---ING”. Oh c’mon that’s hilarious. Anyway eat until you’re satisfied and enjoy every bite. Remember your cheat meal is not the only “fun” food you’ll be eating. You have another one coming and that’s part of the beauty of this program. This prevents you from binging Rule 2 – Limit or Eliminate Alcohol When testing this we tested it without alcohol. Sorry for the bad news but.... Alcohol increases hunger and jacks up your hormones. That’s the world we live in. You’ll get the best results by eliminating it all together but at the very least limit your consumption to 2 per week and keep them on your weekends. Rule 3 – Follow AND Trust the Program Nothing to elaborate on here… but just know that this has been tested and it works. You won’t lose a billion pounds in 7 days. However you will lose up to 3 pounds of fat per week. It’s no secret that when you combine this diet with a solid exercise program you’re going to look and feel even better. Those that combined this diet with an exercise program are the ones that lost 3 pounds per week.

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© Diet Free Weekends 8 Rule 4 – Do NOT “Freak Out” on the Intermittent Fasting Part of This Program. You’ll Get a Backup Plan... OK When the original Diet Free Weekends Solution came out we didn’t have a “back-up” plan for folks that don’t do well with intermittent fasting. So that’s why there’s a “Plan B” created just for you. However if you’re NEW to intermittent fasting and you’re open to doing it please us the “Break-In to Intermittent Fasting” Guide. We’ll dig deeper into fasting in the fasting section but real quickly intermittent fasting is simply a break from eating food. We’ll be doing a mixture of daily fasting 16 hours – so basically you skip breakfast as well as 2 24-hour fasts. But remember if fasting is NOT your thing you’ll get a backup plan Rule 5 – What’s a Reward Meal A reward meal is your favorite foods like pizza cake pancakes even more pancakes chips and salsa etc. Some people get confused as to whether they want to use their reward with the a meal or a dessert. With this plan You can have BOTH. Just remember the golden rule – DO NOT binge and eat only until you’re satisfied. For most that might mean cutting back a little on the meal itself so they can have their dessert too. Make sense

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© Diet Free Weekends 9 Break-in Period How to Approach Intermittent Fasting Now first I want you to be open-minded. At least TRY taking a break from food. Once you get used to it the benefits are amazing… • Increased growth hormone this hormone burns fat • Decreased appetite you naturally eat less and feel full • Increased cellular repair including your skin • Increased metabolism • Increased energy But if you have tried intermittent fasting in the past and it’s just not your “thing” we have a “Plan B” just for you. That is below this Break-In Period. You can skip this “Break-In” section if you plan to NOT leverage the fasting part of this program. Follow this Break-in Period for 2 weeks before jumping into the Diet Free Weekends plan if you’re new to intermittent fasting. Let’s avoid being overwhelmed. Whatever you’re doing now as far as your diet stick to it. We just want you to get used to the idea of intermittent fasting making the Diet Free Weekends plan even more powerful. So here how’s to do that… Complete 1 20-hour fast for week 1. " Let yourself become accustomed to it. So if you eat your last meal at 6pm on Monday then your next snack or meal will be on Tuesday at 2pm. Complete 2 20-hour fasts for week 2.

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" © Diet Free Weekends 10 Here’s the secret to using Intermittent Fasting… Choose a Method for Breaking Your Fast This will keep you from overdoing it after coming off a fast. So once your fast is over choose some kind of ritual that you do every time your fast is complete. For example you could break your fast with a glass of unsweetened tea and some almonds. Don’t jump into the pantry immediately after a fast – this could lead to questionable amounts of chips pretzels and other foods that are “just for the kids”. Now after the 2 weeks your body will be “open” to the idea of fasting. The good news is that it will be even EASIER because of the entire weekend of awesomeness. The daily fasting will be a piece of cake compared to the 24-hour fast. You got this Now in case you still read this and you know fasting is not an option plan B is below...

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© Diet Free Weekends 11 Plan B If You Don’t Want to Use Intermittent Fasting It’s the 1 “lazy” way to drop excess body fat. I hate calling this "lazy" but it really is the easiest way to cut your calories and burn more fat without really "doing anything". So here it goes... "Taking a break from food". Doesnt sound so scary does it Did you know this is the same thing as "intermittent fasting" yet when you say those words intermittent fasting people tend to freak out. Its pretty hilarious to watch and the responses are even funnier... "Ill be so grumpy if I dont eat every 2 hours" "Ill question my existence without food" "Your metabolism will shut down right" "Wont I lose muscle" Hey you know what I thought these same things about taking a break from food. In fact I used to think it was a "fad". Then I experimented with it myself years ago. The rest is history. When people ask me why I do it and Ive had private clients do it I reply with this...

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" © Diet Free Weekends 12 I find it easier to keep off the 115 pounds Ive lost. You have way more energy. Youll be way more productive. Youll have more clarity and focus. I wont bore with you the sciency stuff about intermittent fasting but instead Ill share with you why its an integral part of the Diet Free Weekends Solution and why it can help you burn fat faster. I promise you you will NOT lose muscle you wont wreak your metabolism and you wont be a grumpy "wumpy". Its the only approach that actually stimulates fat-burning hormones within 24 hours. If you would like to see how it works then you should definitely get Brad Pilons Eat Stop Eat book here: It was a game-changer for my clients helping them win 6 different transformation contests even with thousands voting. Plus Ill share with you some killer tips on how you can work around the fasting part of the diet so youll still get results without really "fasting". Cool Alright first... Why is intermittent fasting a part of the Diet Free Weekends Solution A: There are 3 reasons I made it a part of the program. Reason 1 - Its an easy way to reduce your WEEKLY calorie intake vs your DAILY calorie intake. This helps with the surplus of calories

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" © Diet Free Weekends 13 on the weekends. Reason 2 - It "trains" your body to burn stored fat instead of glycogen. Your body prefers to burn glycogen for energy. But by not eating your body has no choice but to burn fat for fuel. Hint: This is why you experience MORE energy on your fasting days because stored fat has 9 calories per gram. Calories are measurements of energy Reason 3: Its a great way to detox your body without dangerous pills or shakes. Your body naturally detoxifies 24/7. But when you take a break from food you allow your body to focus on detoxifying. This is perfect especially after a weekend of your favorite foods. This is what allows you this excess "wiggle room" in your diet. Now in the manual were using a variety of intermittent fasting including the 24-hour fast as well as the 16-hour fast. The bad news is that you may find the intermittent fasting intimidating or its just not a good fit for you. The good news... You can work around this. First lets tackle the 24-hour fast. Most people hear or read "24-hour fast" and immediately think they are to go without food an entire day without eating. Actually you get to eat EVERY day. Remember if you eat your last meal at 6pm you eat at 6pm the very next day. See Not too bad. Youll do this just twice a week and the second fast is actually "fun" and I mean that.

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" © Diet Free Weekends 14 Friday night you get to eat whatever you want to. Ice cream pizza nachos pancakes... it doesnt matter. Its the big reward for "holding out". This has EVERYTHING to do with your mind and its why its so much easier to stick to. Fasting all day for some fish and green beans isnt very exciting. However a date with Netflix and Ben Jerrys Yeah... very doable Its why the second fasting day is on Friday again Ill leave out the boring sciency stuff. The first fasting day is Monday so your body can focus on detoxing and give your body a break from the surplus of calories over the weekend. Youll also be encouraged to eat some fats with dinner because fat definitely makes you feel full. This is especially true after a fast. So thats why in a quick overview the fasting is so powerful on this plan. Now heres the cool part... You can actually NOT fast on this plan and STILL get great results. That was typed in big font and underlined. Its that important to understand. These are the same tactics Ive used with my private clients. If you have tried fasting in the past and it failed you or if fasting is just not your thing this will be your backup plan. Cool First well cover the 24-hour fast and then well cover the 16-hour fast.

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" © Diet Free Weekends 15 24-Hour Fasting Workaround 1 - Cut Your 24- Hour Fast Short If you feel yourself wanting to absolutely binge on a fasting day its fine to cut it short to avoid this. With my private clients I would tell them around 20 hours. So lets say your 24-hour fast would end at 6pm. If you need to you could stop it as soon as 2pm. Just keep the calories low until your actual meal.... around 200 calories. That means you could have handful of almonds or a protein shake with water low-fat milk or almond milk. That will keep you going until your actual meal. Sometimes it happens. Youre overwhelmed with thoughts of food and you have to just eat before you go insane. I get it. This is the next best thing. 24-Hour Fasting Workaround 2 - Keep Your Calories at 400 or Less Until Your First Meal If you honestly try the 24-hour intermittent fasting and its just not a good fit for you thank you for trying. Heres your next best bet to fasting for 24 hours... Until your actual meal keep your calories down to 400 or less. This is much less challenging than an actual fast but youre still reducing your calories drastically enough to allow the wiggle room on the weekends. The thing is - make those calories keep you full. So avoid carbohydrates if possible and stick with proteins and fats. My wife is not a huge fan of the 24-hour fast so she has what I call a coffee "concoction" in the morning followed by 1 snack later in the day before her meal.

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" © Diet Free Weekends 16 The concoction Its a cup of coffee with 1 tbsp of beef gelatin and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Beef gelatin is a great protein source but it also keeps you feeling full as well as other benefits such as: - Helps your liver with detoxing - Improves your digestion - Helps strengthen your bones - Improves your hormone function Some other 200-calorie and under ideas that you could have during the day to use this "workaround" are below. A good rule of thumb is to have 2 of these below at most during the day before your actual meal. Remember the idea is to keep your calories as low as possible. Cmon you can do this. - Coffee concoction see above - Almonds around a handful or any variety of nuts - String Cheese 2-3 sticks depending on the fat content - Protein shake with water low-fat milk or almond milk - Protein bar - Spoonful of nut butter - 2 hard-boiled eggs with a tbsp of hummus - Greek yogurt with chopped pecans or walnuts - Non-starchy veggies peppers is an example with hummus - Beef jerky - Celery sticks with 1 tbsp of nut butter - 2-3 slices of cheese A BIG warning on protein bars and protein shakes... Most protein bars and shakes come with unnecessary "fillers" and toxic ingredients as well as hidden sugars that can wreak havoc on your system. This stuff causes weight gain which are touted as "healthy".

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" © Diet Free Weekends 17 So be very selective and careful when consuming bars and shakes. Most are NOT good for you. I recommend these 2 sources for your protein bars and shakes: Use this protein powder for your protein shakes: Use these as your “go-to” protein bars: They dont use "filler" ingredients and they are sweetened with Stevia a natural sweetener that wont jack up your hormones. Plus they taste AMAZING Moving on... Now the daily intermittent fasting found inside the Diet Free Weekends Solution is another way to cut our WEEKLY calories and the fasting benefits are just gravy. Ha... gravy. Get it Whatever. So if even if youre not a 16-hour intermittent fasting kind of person thats OK. Now I wont lie and say youll still get all the great benefits that daily fasting will give you but you can still benefit from the same calorie reduction that daily fasting gives you. If you choose to NOT fast daily 16 hours use these 2 tactics... 16-Hour Fasting Workaround 1 Find a way to cut 200-500 calories out of your diet on these days. The reason its so broad is because we are all different. Some folks consume very little calories at breakfast and some

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" © Diet Free Weekends 18 consume much more. First I suggest finding out how many calories your average breakfast is since this is the meal you would typically skip on a daily fasting plan. You can do this with a site like If you typically eat around 300 calories for breakfast then youll need to cut around 300 calories out of your diet on these days. One way to do this is eating less at lunch and at dinner. Pretty simple. 16-Hour Fast Workaround 2 I had this question come up from a lot of the "guinea pigs" and so I wanted to address that here. You can actually skip lunch or dinner if you prefer to eat breakfast. That way youre still making a drastic WEEKLY calorie deficit. Just keep in mind that you wont get the benefits that you get with a 16-hour fast. But this at least gives you some flexibility and if fasting is not for you this allows you to modify the Diet Free Weekends Solution to fit your lifestyle. Whew... that just about does it for plan B Keep this in mind when following the schedule below. Now the fun part... your day-to-day plan Insert the climatic music here...

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© Diet Free Weekends 19 Daily Plan Because eating your favorite foods is so fun that’s what we’re going to start with. So yeah we’ll start with Friday. Consider us rebels. Quick Note – Remember what we said about what is a “reward meal”. You can have a cheat meal with a cheat dessert as long as you follow rule 5 Friday: 24-Hour Fast followed by a reward meal. So if you ate your last meal at 6pm you’ll eat again Friday night at 6pm. Saturday: 16-Hour Fast followed by 2 reward meals your reward meals should be the only food you consume this day. So if you ate your last meal at 6pm you won’t eat again until the next day at 10am and this can be stretched until lunch. Sunday: 16-Hour Fast followed by a reward meal. Rest of the day: 1 serving of protein All the free veggies you want Note – you can have your Sunday reward meal at night or for lunch. This is YOUR choice. We believe in flexibility

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" © Diet Free Weekends 20 Monday: 24-Hour Fast followed by: 1 serving of protein 2 servings of fats All the free veggies you want So if you ate your last meal on Sunday at 6pm you won’t eat again until Monday night at 6pm. Yes you still get to eat EVERY day Tuesday Wednesday: 16-Hour Fast followed by: 3 servings of protein All the free veggies you want Optional – up to 2 servings of fruit/carbs Thursday: 16-Hour Fast followed by: 3 servings of protein 3 servings of fats All the free veggies you want Repeat until you reach desired weight – enjoy your weekends Note – once you reach your desired weight you can continue with the daily fasts but eliminate one or both 24-hour fasts. Also – you don’t have to be perfect regarding the carb intake on Mondays and Thursdays. The idea is to keep your carbs low on these days to offset the “fun” you’re having on the weekends. Again this program is meant to be flexible and force you to be perfect

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© Diet Free Weekends 21 No Counting Calories Method What’s a Serving Counting calories is really tedious. That’s why when we tested this we didn’t count calories. The less stressful your diet the better. So here’s a simple guideline in serving sizes… Use your palm to determine protein portions Use your cupped hand to determine carb portions fruit etc. Use your thumb to determine fat portions Free veggies – unlimited the veggies on the grocery list are nutrient- dense and not calorie-dense making you feel full faster and that’s why they are “free”. The great thing about this method is that you don’t need any fancy measuring spoons or cups. It’s almost TOO easy Let’s show some examples. Protein 1 serving is the size of your palm. So here’s what 1 serving of protein looks like: " "

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" © Diet Free Weekends 22 Carbohydrates fruits/starches 1 serving is the size of your cupped hand. So here is what 1 serving looks like: Fats 1 serving of fat is the size of your thumb. So here is what 1 serving looks like: Now if it’s an oil you’ll use 2 tsp as a serving size. Pretty simple right

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" © Diet Free Weekends 23 Weekly Grocery List Now that you know what the servings are – here is an easy grocery list to inspire some ideas… PROTEINS • Bass • Beef Jerky • Chicken breast • Cod • Eggs • Egg whites / liquid egg whites • Extra lean ground beef • Extra lean ground turkey • Flank steak • Halibut • Lobster • Pork loin • Roughy • Salmon • Scallops • Shrimp • Swordfish • Tilapia • Top round steak • Tuna steak • Tuna • Protein powder low- fat/low-carb I recommend Bio-Trust – it tastes great plus without all the artificial crap and sugars you find in other protein powders. Find out more at CARBOHYDRATES This is really simple. Since you have all weekend to enjoy your favorite carbs including bread pasta etc. limit your carb consumption Monday – Thursday to only fruits. All fruits are welcome

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" © Diet Free Weekends 24 FREE VEGGIES LIST Can be eaten at any time • Artichoke • Artichoke hearts • Asparagus • Beans: green Italian wax • Bean sprouts • Beets • Broccoli • Brussels sprouts • Cabbage: bok choy Chinese green • Carrots • Cauliflower • Celery • Chayote • Cucumber • Eggplant • Green onions or scallions • Greens: collard kale mustard turnip • Jicama • Kohlrabi • Leeks • Lettuce green redromaineetc.etc. • Mixed vegetables without corn peas or pasta • Mushrooms • Okra • Onions • Oriental radish or daikon • Pea pods • Peppers all varieties • Radishes • Rutabaga • Sauerkraut • Soybean sprouts • Spinach • Sugar snap peas • Summer squash • Swiss chard • Tomato: raw canned • Turnips • Water chestnuts • Zucchini

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" © Diet Free Weekends 25 FATS • Almonds / almond butter • Almond milk • Avocado • Avocado oil • Cashews / Cashew butter • Coconut milk • Coconut oil GREAT fat to keep in your diet • Coconut • Extra virgin olive oil • Flaxseed • Flaxseed oil • Nuts varieties • Olives all kinds • Natural peanut butter • Pecans • Pistachios • Walnuts • Whole Egg

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" © Diet Free Weekends 26 Sample Weekly Plan Friday Fast until pizza and some ice cream Saturday Fast until cheeseburger with fries at lunch Dinner – grilled chicken and a side salad a HUGE piece of peanut butter pie drizzled in chocolate sauce for dessert Sunday Fast until French Toast for Brunch Snack – Protein shake Dinner – Salmon with grilled vegetables Monday Fast for 24 hours followed by: Dinner – Top Sirloin with mushrooms sautéed in olive oil Tuesday Fast for 16 hours followed by Smoothie of protein powder with your favorite fruit Snack – 3 Low fat string cheese with an apple Dinner – Blackened Catfish with sautéed vegetables Wednesday Fast for 16 hours followed by protein shake with almond milk Snack – 2 hard-boiled eggs or Greek yogurt Dinner – Extra lean ground beef patty with bacon side salad Thursday 16-Hour Fast followed by 2 TBSP of natural peanut butter and protein shake Snack – Hummus and vegetables celery broccoli cauliflower etc. Dinner – Grilled chicken breast sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and steamed broccoli with minced garlic.

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" © Diet Free Weekends 27 Frequently Asked Questions I work out regularly. Are there any adjustments that need to be made Yes. On your workout days that fall between Monday and Thursday you can eat an additional 2 servings of carbohydrates however this is optional. If you have enough energy for your workouts you don’t need to consume the extra carbs. If you do consume the extra carbs eat them around your workouts before or after. However if your workout is on a fasting day continue with your fast. If you find yourself struggling during your workouts you can break your fast with a protein shake but continue your fast after the shake. And remember you always have plan B above. What’s the definition of a “reward meal” A reward meal is your favorite foods like pizza cake pancakes even more pancakes chips and salsa etc. Some people get confused as to whether they want to use their reward with the a meal or a dessert. With this plan You can have BOTH. Just remember the golden rule – DO NOT binge and eat only until you’re satisfied. For most that might mean cutting back a little on the meal itself so they can have their dessert too. Make sense What can I consume while I’m fasting Keep your calories as close to 0 as possible. That means you can have coffee but keep the creamer at bay or very little. Unsweetened

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" © Diet Free Weekends 28 drinks are fine too. Yes you can chew gum. We get asked that all the time. What if I’m overwhelmingly hungry on my fast At the 20-hour mark you can consume a protein shake or almonds etc. See the fasting guide above. But aim for 24 hours... if you don’t make it don’t beat yourself up. What if I snack on reward days If you prefer to snack over full-reward meals the same rules apply see rule 5. But you must choose one or the other you cannot have snacks and reward meals. Let’s be realistic What if I want breakfast as a reward meal I understand I love pancakes myself You can certainly enjoy yourself at breakfast and skip lunch. Ideally the intermittent fasting approach is better but we want this program to be flexible. How often should I eat Monday through Thursday That’s up to you and whatever fits your schedule and personality best. There is no right or wrong answer here. You can spread your servings over 3-4 meals or cut it down to 1-2.

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" © Diet Free Weekends 29 If I have a small snack at 10:30pm on Thursday do I have to wait until 10:30 the next day to eat No. Look ideally you shouldn’t eat after your last meal. But we understand if you are hungry and have a few veggies. You can still follow the plan as if you didn’t have that snack. Just try to keep that happening consistently... cool What if I goof up during the week What do I do Birthday lunches surprise dinners you name it. Things happen. Here’s what you can do... if you have an unplanned reward meal during the week simply REPLACE one of your cheat meals over the weekend with something healthy like protein and veggies and stick to the rest of the plan. This is NOT as effective as the plan is outlined but we understand that life happens.

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