William Toth UK Based Start-Up Uses Blockchain for Recruiting

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William Toth’s brilliant marketing and logistics system provides aspiring entrepreneurs an all-in-one solution for growing a prosperous and productive business.


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William Toth: UK-Based Start-Up Uses Blockchain for Recruiting As an experienced entrepreneur William Toth understands that recruiting candidates for a job is hardly an easy task and in some cases can take upwards of 3-4 months. This is where Zinc’s new service comes in. Zinc is a successful UK-based start-up company that recently launched its blockchain-based recruiting service after successful beta test runs. This new recruiting system is designed to reduce the time cost and energy needed to find the right candidate for a position explained William Toth. The Zinc system simplifies this recruitment process by storing the information of the candidates in a secure system and verifying their credentials and information. This way an employer is able to access all the various candidates’ information from a single source instead of having to rely on and sort through multiple

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recordings. In addition employers are also able to validate the employee’s information such as work history education and references says William Toth. “Zinc’s new blockchain technology platform doesn’t just aid employers but employees as well” stated William Toth. “After the results of a survey were analyzed it was found that 79 percent of workers feel that they would have more success in getting an interview for potential jobs if they were able to share their references earlier in the recruitment process.” Click here William Toth: Entrepreneur to know more about him.

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