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Compact Discs and the Differences in Content Production

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Typically compact discs like CDs and DVDs go through two particular types of processes where the content is etched on to the discs for future usage. These two processes may sound quite similartosomeonewhoisnotfromthediscprintingindustry. However these have quite subtle changes to their name. These methodsareasfollows: ● CDReplication ● CDDuplication

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CD Replication: CD Replication is a massive process that needs a special mention. The amount of equipment necessary to carry out a CD Replication drive is humongous. Still it is a verypopularformofcompactdiscprocesswherethecontentisetchedontoit. TheprocessofCDReplicationishasafewsteps.Thoseareasfollows: ● Glass Mastering ● Stamper Mastering ● Injection Molding ● Sputtering ● Artwork Printing

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CD Duplication CD Duplication is probably the simplest process of the two mentioned here. It is something that even we have done at our homes as well. It involves a recordable disc or CD-R where these blankdiscsaretakenfirst.

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Considerably about 100-200 discs are a good option if it comes to CD Duplication. Anything more than 200-500 it’d be better to go ahead with the CD Replication process. Quality wise CD Replicationgivesyouthebestproduct. Asfarastimeconsumptionisconcernedalongwithalessnumber ofdiscsCDDuplicationisthewaytogo.

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