How to Print a Card Stock from Your Hp Printer?


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This presentation represents the way to print a card stock from Hp printer. If you are facing any issue related to it, just give a ring at our number +1-778-806-1736. For more, info visit our website:-


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How To Print a Card Stock from Your Hp Printer?:

How T o Print a Card Stock from Your Hp Printer?

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Some of the advance and latest Hp printers have the feature in which you can print card and other stuff like invitation card, business card and so on. Design your own card and get it print from your Hp printing machine which will save your money and time. After knowing this that you can print the card stock from your printer doesn’t mean you can print it like you print pages. No! You need to go through some processors to print cardstock from your printer. Firstly, check that your printer is supposed to print on the hard stuff, go and Google it with your printer’s model number and if your printer is able to do so, fine-tune the settings. Follow the below steps to fine-tune your Hp printer settings-

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1. Check the paper Type: The very first thing you should determine is that the type of paper your printer supports. Well, few printers are equipped to print on the heavy weight of card stock. If you are using LaserJet or office Jet printer, then you can easily print card stock but this may not be possible on other printers. For more information, you can go through the manual that came with your printer. 2. Adjust Printer Tray: When you know your printer supports the card stock, adjust the printer settings to apprise the printer that you are using it to print on the hard stuff. But first, you need to adjust the printer tray to navigate to the printer’s control panel and choose to open the printer menu and select Paper Handling. Now look for a ‘Tray’ menu and select the paper type heavy or card stock. At last, close all the tabs. 3. Change the printer settings: To change the printer settings to print the stock you want to print, open the document and press Ctrl+P to print. Then, click on properties and select paper quality. After that, choose card stock or the weight of the paper you are using to print and hit OK .

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For more help and support, call us at Hp printer Customer Support Canada : +1-778-806-1736 and avail our services either through online or offline mode as per your comfort. In case, you stuck in a process, don’t hesitate to contact the staff of our support team. 4. Feed the paper: Load appropriate stock in the tray as few printers can’t allow loading multiple pieces of card stock at once. Make sure no paper is curled or damaged. If so, remove that paper from the tray and proceed to print.

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