How can I clean the print heads of my Hp 8600 printer?


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This presentation represents the way how I can clean the print heads of my Hp 8600 printer. If you are getting any issues related to this presentation, just give a call to Hp Printer Helpline Number Canada: 1-778-806-1736. For more, info visit our website:-


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How can I Clean the Print Heads of my Hp 8600 Printer:

How can I Clean the Print Heads of my Hp 8600 Printer

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It is necessary to clean the print heads from time to time of your HP 8600 printer; otherwise, ink nozzles can get clogged which in result give blank spots and spaces with missing spots, lines and non-printed words. In short, your printer will provide you a bad quality print. Dirty electrical contacts can also result in non-functional print heads. So here, HP Printer Tech support Canada provided the complete procedure in order to fix the clogged ink and clean the electrical contacts. You just have to follow the given instructions appropriately.

Remove Ink Clog:

Remove Ink Clog First of all, press and hold down the power button on your printing machine. Then press the ‘Cancel’ button two times and then push the ‘Resume’ button once. Then release down the Power button to start with the electrical contacts cleaning process.

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Clean Electrical Contacts 1. Firstly , place 3 for four sheets on the front of your printer and lift up the cover. If the carriage of your machine doesn’t move automatically to the left side then press and hold down the ‘Resume’ button until it does. 2. After moving to left, disconnect your machine and hold the print head latch and pull the handle and take out the print head from your printing device. 3. Carefully hold the head in one hand without touching the nozzles. Wipe the dirt out from the copper-colored square electrical contacts gently with the help of a microfiber cloth or any soft cloth. 4. Then the place the printhead on the sheet with the nozzles facing upwards. 5. After cleaning the electrical contacts, plug in your machine and press the power button to turn it on. 6. Place back all the components back into the printer in the correct position.

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These steps are explained by our experts. If you face any other problem with your printer, then you can contact experts by dialing at HP Printer Customer Support Canada : 1-778-806-1736 and get relevant solutions without any delay.

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