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Beyond Organic:

Beyond Organic Team USA Business Building Guide

Business Training:

Business Training

Understand the Comp Plan:

Understand the Comp Plan Learn about it in Sections It is intricate b/c there are a variety of income opportunities Step by Step Review Compensation Training Document Comp Chart

Starting your Beyond Organic Business:

Starting your Beyond Organic Business Step by Step Guide

Getting Started :

Getting Started Login to your back office with your email and password Watch Jordan Rubin product webinars Print the comp chart and compensation training manual Start a Beyond Organic Binder Schedule a meeting with your sponsor to discuss goals and create business plan

Setting Goals:

Setting Goals Write down your goals Financial # People Helped Rank Develop a timeline for achieving your goals Create a Vision Board to help keep you focused an on task

Create a Business Plan:

Create a Business Plan How much time are you willing to dedicate to your business? Determine when will you work on your business- be specific. How much money do you have to invest in your business? What percentage of your commission check are you willing to reinvest in your business? How will you find prospects? How will you train your team?


Prospecting Review the Prospecting Presentation in your back office- Remember that nothing beats a personal phone call

Prospecting for the Non-Networker:

Prospecting for the Non-Networker Let Your Passion Shine and Your Business will Grow Naturally Why do you LOVE this Company? Products Jordan Rubin Mission Marketing Financial Opportunity Social Aspects/Community

Marketing Ideas:

Marketing Ideas Holistic Happy Hour Beyond Organic Information Center Movie Night Book Club Community Potluck Dinner Tasting Parties Workshops Community Involvement

Holistic Happy Hour:

Holistic Happy Hour Fixed or rotating location Same day/time each week or month 20 minute guest speaker or show a movie trailer Pick Beyond Organic items to creatively sample Have recipes printed out to share Invite other local providers to sample BYOB or chip in as a group and support the local brewery or winery Serve SueroViv Spritzers or Reign Botanical Infusions in Martini glasses Music- find local musicians to work for tips, but be sure to ask guests to tip generously

Information Center:

Information Center Retail or Home Based Computer with Internet Access opened to your Beyond Organic Website Product Binder Comp Plan/Business Binder Beyond Organic Books, Magazines, Recipe Sheet Handouts, Meeting Flyers

Movie Night:

Movie Night Creative sampling w/recipes (be sure to put your Beyond Organic website name) Inside or Outside Venue, consistent day/time Show a relevant movie Future of Food , Deborah Koons Garcia Food Inc , Robert Kenner, Eric Schlosser SuperSize Me , Morgan Spurlock Farmageddon , Kristin Canty GMO Trilogy , Bertram & Kroeber Soylent Green , Richard Fleischer

Book Club Ideas:

Book Club Ideas Book discussion, sampling, recipe sheet Consistent day, time. Fixed or rotating location Discuss relevant book Live Beyond Organic , Jordan Rubin Devil in the Milk , Keith Woodford Nourishing Traditions , Sally Fallon Seeds of Deception , Jeffrey Smith This Ain’t Normal Folks , Joel Salatin The Meat You Eat , Ken Midkiff Fast Food Nation , Eric Schlosser Omnivores Dilemma , Michael Pollen

Community Potluck:

Community Potluck Traditional potluck but all the food is made with local, organic, and Beyond Organic ingredients Recipe Sharing Show a movie trailer Monthly, rotating location Add a fun component- board games, dvd trivia games

Tasting Parties:

Tasting Parties Creative & Fun Themes Use real china, flatware, linens, glasses Premium product, showcase it as one, unless your theme is Backyard BBQ Doesn’t need to match or be your grandma’s- pick-up at the thrift store Recipe Sheets Include an educational component Features & Benefits Download product sheets from back office Show one of the Jordan Webinars


Workshops Intro to Beyond Organic Products Goal Setting & Vision Board Creation Business Building (Comp Plan & Strategy) Individual Product Categories or Niches Dairy Beef Kids Mentoring Advanced Compensation Plan Training/Strategy

Community Involvement:

Community Involvement Get Involved with the local food movement Offer to teach at Church Guest speaker at Rotary, Garden Club Network Chamber, Leads groups

Advertising Ideas:

Advertising Ideas Edible Magazine Natural Awakenings

Website/Internet Presence:

Website/Internet Presence A Beyond Organic virtual farmer’s market website is included with your MM kit. You can have a Beyond Organic page on an existing website Must be approved by Corporate Review Policies & Procedures document See for sample Blog about your experiences using the foods Post experiences on Facebook

Training Your Team:

Training Your Team Go “Beyond” just hosting business meetings Provide individualized and customized training to meet the unique needs of each Mission Marketer Regular communication is essential but it works both ways, don’t be afraid to ask for the training that you need

Training Tools:

Training Tools Conference Calls Powerpoint Sharing Document Sharing!102

Product Training:

Product Training

Slide 24:

GreenFed Pesticide/Herbicide/Fungicide/Chemical Fertilizer Free Grazing Chemical Medicine Free - No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No de-wormers, No Vaccines Kind Treatment of Animals/Animal Friendly Sustainable Land and Soil Management Beyond Organic Standards

Slide 25:

6) Non GMO 7) Olde World Production Methods 8) Fair Made 9) Biblically-Based Processing Methods 10) Quality and Safety for Finished Products

Trends in Industrial Organic:

Trends in Industrial Organic The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now? By Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association, Jan 27, 2011 Straight to the Source "The policy set for GE alfalfa will most likely guide policies for other GE crops as well. True coexistence is a must ."   - Whole Foods Market, Jan. 21, 2011 In the wake of a 12-year battle to keep Monsanto's Genetically Engineered (GE) crops from contaminating the nation's 25,000 organic farms and ranches, America's organic consumers and producers are facing betrayal . A self-appointed cabal of the Organic Elite, spearheaded by Whole Foods Market , Organic Valley , and Stonyfield Farm , has decided it's time to surrender to Monsanto . Top executives from these companies have publicly admitted that they no longer oppose the mass commercialization of GE crops, such as Monsanto's controversial Roundup Ready alfalfa, and are prepared to sit down and cut a deal for "coexistence" with Monsanto and USDA biotech cheerleader Tom Vilsack. Read the rest of the article at:

Our Beef:

Our Beef Rancher Trish Strawn specializes in soil mgmt Start with healthy, nutritious soil, grow nutrient dense grass, legumes, and other greens Our pastures are so fertile that we’ve already started harvested our own hay

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Slide 29:

Green Finished Green Finishing Program - cattle intensely graze on grasses and greens such as forbs, herbs and legumes – no grain – and have a peaceful, happy existence on open pastures Our organic pastures are never sprayed with chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and are free of synthetic, chemical fertilizers Our beef is naturally higher in omega 3s, CLA, than conventional grain fed beef GREENFED™ BEEF

Slide 30:

Minimally Processed – No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives Only supplement with certified organic greens and grasses when necessary We adhere to animal kindness standards in our raising, finishing and processing Sustainable land and soil management for optimal soil fertility and forage nutrient content Biblically-based processing methods GREENFED™ BEEF

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Ground Beef 1 LB Packages $8 per pack Hot Dogs 12 oz Packages $8 per pack GREENFED™ BEEF

Dairy 101:

Dairy 101 Weston Price Organization Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions

Slide 33:

GREENFED™ AMASAI Green Fed – No Grain Cultured with over 30 Probiotics Inspired by Traditional Recipe of Africa’s Masai Tribe Unique profile of true whole milk nutrients created through select heritage dairy breeding, green grazing and feeding program and olde world culturing and production methods for a delicious, highly digestible cultured dairy beverage.

Slide 34:

Launching with 3 Flavors – Plain, Milk & Honey, Berry $5 per pint/16oz. 6 pints per case $30 case 6-8 week shelf life minimum GREENFED™ AMASAI

Slide 35:

GREENFED™ RAW CHEESE Five Fold Difference 1. Really Raw – never heated above cow body temperature, around 101 F. Cheeses labeled as raw are able to heat the milk to just under pasteurization temperatures for “consistency” in texture.

Slide 36:

Five Fold Difference 2. Green Fed Heritage Breeding Farmstead Artisanal Production Probiotic Infused GREENFED™ RAW CHEESE

Slide 37:

Available initially in 1 LB size: Raw Cheddar Raw Havarti Raw Cheddar Blue $15 per LB GREENFED™ RAW CHEESE

Slide 38:

Supreme Mountain Spring Water Hydration is Essential Taste the Purity Unique Hydro-Geologic Profile The Sustainable Solution

Slide 39:

Supreme Mountain Spring Water 16.9 fl oz. (half liter) bottles Case pack of 24 $20 per case - $.83 per bottle

Slide 40:

I N F U S I O N S REIGN Fruit Infusion African Mango, Amla Berry Antioxidant Fruit Essence Refreshingly Light Flavor 16.9 oz – 24 per case $50 per case ($2.08 /bottle)

Slide 41:

I N F U S I O N S REIGN Veggie Infusion Antioxidant Essence of Beet, Carrot Cucumber, Celery, Parsley Refreshingly Light Flavor 16.9 oz – 24 per case $50 per case ($2.08 /bottle)

Slide 42:

I N F U S I O N S REIGN Awaken Green Coffee, Cacao, Cinnamon Invigorating, Stimulant-Free Refreshingly Light Flavor 16.9 oz – 24 per case $50 per case ($2.08 /bottle)

Slide 43:

Infused with Probiotics & Omega 3’s Products USDA Certified Organic Dark Chocolate with Flaxseeds Hand Crafted by 5 th Generation Italian Chocolatiers 1000mgs Omega 3s Probiotics, Fiber, Antioxidants GMO Free 35g bar - $2.75 per bar 12 bars per case - $33

Slide 44:

Whey Flows Naturally From the Cheese Making Process – Curds and Whey Historically Celebrated Beverage - "Whey is the tart, golden liquid known to the Greek doctors of antiquity as "healing water." In fact, Hippocrates and Galen, two founding fathers of medicine, frequently recommended whey to their patients.” Broad Spectrum of Whole Food Nutrients and Co-Factors - Rich in Probiotics, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium and Magnesium along with Zinc, Selenium and 7 B Vitamins Whey

Slide 45:

The Original Probiotic Water Whole Food Cultured Probiotic Beverage A Living Tonic Elixir Great Taste – flavor is similar to popular sports drinks, but with 10x the Potassium Cultured with powerful probiotics 125 mg Calcium per 8oz serving – 250mg Calcium per bottle Electrolytes along with naturally occurring Sodium Half the sugar of store-bought juice and juice drinks Compare to Kombucha, Coconut Water SueroViv™

Slide 46:

Available in Citrus, Berry, and Ginger Flavors 16.9 oz. bottles 24 bottles per case $3 per bottle SueroViv™

Slide 47:

The Magazine Beyond Organic Living Magazine Launching October 2011 + 6 issues in 2012 68 pg, Full Color, Premium Lifestyle Publication Interviews with Health Experts and Business Leaders Profiles on Mission Marketers Who Are Making a Difference Education and Promotional Support for Beyond Organic Product Line

Slide 48:

The Book Live Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin – Change Your Diet, Change Your Life, Change Your World 12 Chapters and 300+ pgs – Why and How to Live Beyond Organic Eating and Lifestyle Plan Incorporating Beyond Organic Products Learn About Importance of Probiotics, Cultured Foods and Digestive Health Inspiration, Motivation, Education Recipes, Resources and Much More

Slide 49:

The TV Show -TBN and Many Other Cable networks Estimated Weekly Audience of at least 500,000+

Slide 50:

The University Beyond Organic University Online Training and Health Certification Portal Courses on Nutritional Science, Healthy Eating, Exercise, Detox and Avoiding Toxins, Immune Health, Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Health, and How to Be A Successful Health Coach Courses on Business and Management Best Practices for Self Growth and Development

Getting Involved:

Getting Involved Customer or Business Builder Customer Program Retail No fee, no discounts Preferred $19.95 annual fee, 20% discount

Business Packages:

Business Packages Mission Marketer 20% Product Discount Online Virtual Farmer’s Market Website Ability to make Commissions Deluxe Business Builder All the Above, Plus, Marketing Materials (10 Books/10 Mags/DVD) Educational Materials (Beyond Organic Univ) Business Builder Bonuses Paid out 3 levels $100/30/20

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1 Case Reign Supreme 24 pk 1 Reign Fruit 12 pack 1 Reign Veggie 12 pack 1 Reign Awaken 12 pack $399 Wholesale – 273 PTS Founder’s Pack 2 Cases Beyond Organic Chocolate – 24 Total Bars SueroViv™ - (3) 12 packs 1 each Citrus, Berry, Ginger Variety 6 Pack of AMASAI™ Each Plain, Honey, Berry 3 LBS Raw Cheddar Cheese 1 LB Raw Havarti Cheese 3 LBS Ground 2 Packs Hot Dogs

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