Features of 1ClickSMT DWS-200 Table Top Wave Soldering Machine

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1clicksmt-wavesoldering.com Page 1 Features of 1ClickSMT DWS-200 Table Top Wave Soldering Machine When you need to solder different items in a bulk amount it is the wave soldering method that we generally opt for. It is a bulk soldering process primarily used for manufacturing printed circuit boards. In this process one needs to pass the circuit board over a pan of molten solder. This soldering process is useful for both surface mount and through-hole printed circuit assemblies but it suits the latter most perfectly. Automating the process will enable you to add more value to your project. It is therefore essential to invest in a high- quality Table Top Wave Soldering Machine enriched with an array of attractive features. A lot many types of wave soldering machines are seen flooding the market with different add-ons and crucial components. Any wave soldering machine however will always come equipped with a few essential components like 1. A conveyor that channels the printed circuit board through the multiple zones 2. A pan of solder required in the soldering process 3. A pump that can help to make the actual wave 4. A flux sprayer 5. Last but not least a preheating pad. 1ClickSMT is a renowned company offering a one-stop SMT solution to a wide range of customers cutting across the border. At best competitive rates you can easily access and avail a wide range of wave soldering machines series with attractive features and options/add-ons. Their exclusive offerings on wave soldering machines include  RW-350 Wave Solder  M-400 Wave Solder  E-400 Wave Solder  DWS-200 Wave Solder If you are looking for investing in table-top tools due to shortage of space at your workplace and for automating your small projects then opt for the DWS-200 Wave Solder machine. It is not as bulky as the rest of our offerings are but should not be mistaken as an inefficient one delivering sub-standard performance.

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1clicksmt-wavesoldering.com Page 2 DWS-200 BY 1ClickSMT This table-top Wave Soldering Machine can offer you with lead-free wave soldering solution that is available at the best price value. It possesses CE certification and is available with an independent speed control flux wave soldering and preheating. It enables you to adjust the preheating and fluxing speed on an independent basis. The solder pot provided along with features a capacity reading as high as 70kg. DWS-200 allows the user to set the preheating time as per their requirement. You might find it useful that the preheating zone of our Table Top Wave Soldering Machine comes paired with a PID controlled heating system and infrared heating panel. It would be quite easy for the operator to monitor and manage the entire wave soldering process with the addition of a smart touch screen system and PLC. It allows changing and keeping a watchful eye on the preheating time as well. Customized Pallet for DWS-200 The foam fluxing system comprises a compressed air control valve foamed pipe and flux tank. The steeper motor is also there to adjust the wave heights directly from the touch screen via dual Titanium wave nozzles. To fetch more detailed information about the technical specifications of our machine please visit our official website now