Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine: Overview, Features And More!

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When the RoHS legislation came into force in Europe, it changed the nature of soldering forever. Know how the lead free machines can help you here! Just visit our link: http://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/business/lead-free-wave-soldering-machine-overview-features-and-more.html


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At 1clicksmt-wavesoldering, we have come up with E400. This lead free wave solder machine is actually CE certified. But that’s not all. It also includes: Full Titanium dual wave solder pot. You will PLC and touch-screen control system which makes operating the system effortless. It also features 1 individual bottom hot air preheat zone. Along with that, it comes with high quality sprayer which is driven by stepper motor.


The Features Of Lead Free Wave Solder Machine: I t has is the PLC and touch-screen controlling system which almost saves more than 50 sets parameters. This is a very user-friendly interface and one can operate this very easily. It features a high quality sprayer which gives you perfect atomization performance of the flux. This is actually driven by stepper motor and rail / slider, of which the moving speed can be set on touch-screen.


The Features Of Lead Free Wave Solder Machine: It also has a forced air convection preheat zone which creates enough uniform heat for the PCB you are using. You can also adopt cast iron heater for the solder pot. This is mounted outside of the solder pot. It also has dual wave solder pot and both of their wave heights are controlled individually by transducer.


The Features Of Lead Free Wave Solder Machine: The solder pot is made of Ti material and it is 100% capable for the lead-free solder. For your convenience, it also features light and sound alarm for overheating and emergency stop. It has Ti finger conveyor system which is able to form an in-line through-hole soldering line.


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