Lead Free Wave Soldering Is More Environmental Friendly Option

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The demand for lead free wave soldering is growing day by day. It is one of the best options when compared to SMT and hand soldering operations. It is an environmentally friendly option. For more details visit our link: https://bit.ly/2G8r0sz


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Lead Free Wave Soldering Is More Environmental Friendly Option A very important problem which will ultimately concern about manufacturing operations throughout the world is the pending conversion to lead free wave soldering. At present, there is no legislation on the matter. The main thrust of lead-free wave legislation originated in the United States of America


Why is it necessary to go Lead-free? Manufacturing and Quality Assurance management have rightly posed the question as to why it is important to go lead-free wave soldering since there is little proof of lead solder being harmful to users. Lead-Free Wave Solder Brings Many Benefits Many organizations in microelectronics manufacturing, as well as repair industries, have transitioned to lead-free soldering because of the following benefits. Not only is lead-free soldering a green option, but it also has several benefits in manufacturing.


Property Comparison of Lead-Free Wave Solder and Lead Solder Lead-free wave solder features a higher melting point than lead solder. The melting point of traditional lead eutectic solder   (Sn37Pb) is 183°C, and the melting point of lead-free eutectic solder (SAC387) is 217°C. Industrial PC control System Durable as well as good heat uniformity of solder pot Special design to apply less solder residue generated Patented design of impeller & channel to enhance the soldering wave stability Spraying evenly and minimized the overlapping Convenience for upkeep


O nce the lead-free   soldering alloy is selected, a solid understanding of its chemical as well as physical properties is required to enable dependable soldering. Each supplier must know the needs of the materials; equipment and chemistry changes to attain the results for reliable lead free wave soldering. 


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