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Journalist of Today and Tomorrow : 

Journalist of Today and Tomorrow By: Shaka Johnson Period: 1st Blk. Journalism Date: September 2, 2009

Objectives : 

Objectives ~ Who is Ida B. Wells ? ~Why did she become a journalist? ~When did she become a journalist? ~What has she accomplished? ~Why is she important? Ida B. Wells

Who was Ida B. Wells?(Summary) : 

Who was Ida B. Wells?(Summary) Ida B. Wells was an African American journalist and news paper editor. Most of her work was about lynching in the United States. Also she was active in the women’s rights movement and the women’s suffrage movement. Wells was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi on July 16, 1892. Her parents, James Wells and Elizabeth “Lizze Bell” Warrenton, were slaves until the civil war. James, Elizabeth, and there 10 month old son ended up dying from yellow fever, which left the remaining six children in a bond. To keep her family together, Ida dropped out of high school and became a teacher. She attended Freedom’s School, Risk College, and Fisk University. She was truly great.

Have You Been Paying Attention…………..? : 

Have You Been Paying Attention…………..? How many years did Ida B. Wells refuse to get off the bus before Rosa Parks? ~ 71 Years before What was her husbands name? ~ Ferninand L. Barnett What did she mostly write about? ~ Civil rights acts When was Ida born? ~July 16, 1862 Why did she drop out of high school? ~ To take care of her siblings In total, how many sibling did she have? ~ Six

!!!Citations!!! : 

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Objectives : 

Objectives Who is Katherine Graham? Why did she become a journalist? When did she become a journalist? Why is she important? What has she accomplished? Katherine Graham

Who is Katherine Graham? (Summary) : 

Who is Katherine Graham? (Summary) Katherine Graham was an American publisher. She led The Washington Post, her family's’ business for over two decades. Graham was born in New York City on June 16, 1917. The colleges she attended were University of Chicago and Vassar college. She had four children and was married once to Phillip Graham, who later died. Katherine died on July 17, 2001 in Idaho from a head injury. She won many big awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize and also published a book dedicated to her husband.

Katherine Graham : 

Katherine Graham

Hmmm………………..Were You Listing? : 

Hmmm………………..Were You Listing? When was Katherine Graham born? ~ June 16, 1917 Where was she born? ~New York City When and where did die? ~Idaho; July 17, 2001 How many children did she have? ~Four What was her husbands first and last name? ~Phillip Graham How many daughters did she have? ~One How man sons did she have? ~ Three

!! Citations!! : 

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Both of these women did wonderful things in there life time and are both phenomenal women. I enjoyed about and appreciated learning about them both.

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Thanks For Viewing My Project!!!!!!!!!!! Smoochez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!