Top 10 Kerala Tour Places to visit In Holidays

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slide 1: Top 10 Kerala Tour Places to visit In Holidays Kerala and tourism are synonymous with each other the abundance of greenery temples auspicious of Ayurveda weaker lakescanalsisland etc. tell the beauty of Kerala which can be seen only in Kerala. For those who are wants to travel around the world a trip to Kerala will be very memorable. Every city town and villages of this state has been awarded as Gods private country. Guruvayar Sri Krishna Mandir is a famous Shrine whose doors are open to all the Keral tourist over the country for always seeing. There is no need to say anything about the temple of Sabarimala Ayyappa this temple is one of the most popular religious centers in India. 1.Guruvayur temple:- There is a Guruvayur temple in the city of Guruvayur in Thrissur district Kerala. The idol of Shri krishna is established in the temple. The statue in the temple is an unmatched specimen of sculpture. The Guruvayur temple is 5000 years old and some parts of it were rebuilt in 1638. Only Hindus can worship this temple. Presently the board of Guruvayur Dewasam is headed by KB Mohandas. Kerala tourist should go there to see temple beauty. 2. Padmanabhaswami Mandir:- Sri Padmanabh Swamy Temple is situated in the middle of the city of Thiruvananthapuram. Lord Vishnu resides in this temple. The temple is looked after by the former royal family of Travancore. The temple is very beautifully built in the Dravidian style. The idol of Lord Padmanabha is the main attraction of the temple. In the temple Lord Vishnu Brahmandian Nagin is in the posture of the throne by resorting to the orphanage. This city is known as this temple. 3.Sauchipara Falls:- Sauchipara Falls is a three-level waterfall located in Wayanad surrounded by deciduous evergreen and montane forests. Let me tell you that this waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in India in which the water falls from a height of 200 meters and provides an amazing view to the tourists. The most exciting thing about this waterfall is that the water falling from this waterfall forms a pool in which tourists can swim and enjoy bathing. 4. Varkala Beach:- Varkala is a beautiful coastal town in Thiruvananthapuram district. It is located in the southern part of Kerala. Varkala is the only place in Kerala where the hills are close to the sea. This particularity is due to its merger with the Arabian Sea rocks. Geological Survey of India calls this site in the name of Varkala formation. Due to

slide 2: water splashes and splashes on the shores here the Discovery Channel was forced to include Varkala in the top ten seasonal beaches. 5. Vembanad Lake:- Vembanad Lake or Vembanad Kayal on which Kumarakom is situated as a group of islands attracts kerala tourists through its picturesque attractive and pristine water areas. It is the largest of Kerala and the longest lake in the country. This lake spreads across the district and is also known as Punnamuda Kayal and Kochi Lake. 6. 9-Kozhikode:- The 9-Kozhikode popularly known as Calicut is famous for its historical cultural and educational superiority. Calicut was the main trade center between eastern Kerala and the rest of the world. Calicut came first in search of Vasco di Gama spices and other tradable goods. After this the British and the Dutch empire also made a special reason to come here. Even today it is one of the most important cities of Kerala tourist. Calicuts Malabar Food is famous all over the world. 7.Kovalam Beach:- Kovalam Beach is in the Arabian Sea of Thiruvendapuram. The amount that can be described about this beach is less. Here the winds and the waves of the sea move in a rhythm. Exciting and somewhat different people like this beach. People here come on floating waves and enchanting. 8.Hawa Beachb:-Hawa Beach is also one of the famous beaches in Kerala. The peoples fair is kept from morning till night. This beach is crowded by fishermen in the morning. During the day people here take sunbath on the waves while in the evening people come to admire its natural beauty.If you are planning to roam roam and relax then pack your bag and lets go for the winter winds of Kerala because you can enter the best time with your girl gang here. 9.Meenmutty Falls:- Meenmutty is a mixture of two Malayalam words meaning Earth is fish and Mutty meaning is blocked. These beautiful falls are located approximately 28 kilometers from Kalpetta in Wayanad district of Kerala. It is also very dangerous because it is very active in the rainy season and many people are also drowned and met with fatal accidents. At the height of 300 meters this waterfall is falling in the category of 3 tires. 10.Silent Valley:- Silent Valley is the name most people have probably heard for the first time. From its name it seems as if there is some beautiful place abroad but please inform us that this beautiful valley is located in the state of Kerala India. Situated on the Western Ghats of Keralas Palakkad district Silent Valley is famous for its biodiversity

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