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The French Paleo Burn Book PDF Free Download The French Paleo Burn Book PDF Free Download Dear Frustrated Dieter Are you ready to quit your diet According to research 11 women have tried 61 diets before their 45th birthday.. Shocking. Going from diet to diet is a vicious circle that only leaves us more overweight each time. Diets have let me down before and if you’re like me you must be as frustrated as I was. You see we’ve been told SILLY things like:  Exercising like crazy may eventually take an inch off our waists.  Eating bland steamed broccoli 3 times a day could help us lose weight.  Starving ourselves is our BEST shot at a bikini body.  Counting calories Exhausting but still recommended by diet “gurus”.  Skipping meals or choking down nasty shakes could maybe work if you’re like me it totally ruins our mood.

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Yeah we all know. We’ve been there we’ve done that. In fact we’ve also learned along the way that 120 of the weight lost on “crazy

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diets” will come back if we follow these “stupid” rules. You see I used to think for instance that getting rid of my “mommy belly” was simple: you had to starve yourself and workout like crazy. Unfortunately that only works when we’re in our twenties. And I’m a woman over 35. The French Paleo Burn Book PDF Free Download click Here Do I Have To Sacrifice Good Food And Eat Diet Food Just because you want to eat better and lose some weight doesn’t mean you want to eat carrot sticks and celery all day. Or worse eat meals that taste like cardboard. We often feel tired. We worked all day… took care of the kids…maybe even tried to get in a work out. The last thing we want to think about is crafting an ultra-healthy meal from scratch. Who can blame you But we care about our family about our health about the health of our family. Of course we want them to eat healthy. Why does it have to be so difficult It doesn’t. We have already done most of the work for you We packed in plenty of recipes and tweaked them to: Cut down on fat Pack in super foods Add ingredients loaded with fiber vitamins and minerals Taste delicious Do Carbs Make Me Fat

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Does it look like we’re a sad restricted boring bunch of people No We’re foodies Jus like you we love eating great food. We embrace food all foods and we really try to stay away from restrictive fad diets. Speaking of fad diets some of them like Atkins and South Beach have been giving carbohydrates a bad rap for quite awhile now. But are they really all that bad NOT ALL CARBS ARE CREATED EQUAL Complex carbs – such as un-refined whole wheat products brown rice oats barley beans and legumes – are loaded with fiber which can make you feel fuller longer and help control appetite. Plus carbs are necessary because they break down into glucose providing the main fuel for our brains and nervous system. It’s also the preferred source of fuel for most organs and muscles during exercise. So while we LOVE the Paleo lifestyle some of us also indulge on pasta rice and potatoes and still lose weight or maintain an ideal weight. You can read more about this within the various articles I wrote and of course if you join The French Paleo Burn program. The French Paleo Burn Book PDF Free Download click Here

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