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Take up a hiring freeze as an opportunity to protect your top talent and recruiting pipeline, so that you can come out of the freeze better, and ready to team up with the best recruitment companies in India soon again.


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How Can You Take Up Hiring Freeze As An Opportunity - WalkWater Talent Advisors A hiring freeze has become more common these days thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that has led to so many financial crisis and economic downturns. But there’s no reason to sit and moan over what’s happened. What’s happened has happened and nothing’s going to change with your grumping. It’s thus better that we look at the brighter side and consider the hiring freeze as an opportunity to streamline our corporate infrastructures by consolidating current employees and restructuring departments as required. Nevertheless you’ll soon cope up with your issues and resume your recruitment processes and while you wait for that time to come we’re here to help you with some tips to keep your productivity and team morale high through these tough times.

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Maintain positive communication with your employees While you’re not hiring new candidates safeguarding your existing assets should be your top priority. The candidate pipeline is one such important asset one that you need to protect. So keep your lines of communication open and implement your talent retention strategies because in these times of economic turndowns it’s quite likely that your competitors may try to poach your existing top talent. Reach out to your talent pool and remind them of you your team your opportunities and values. At the same time identify your future talent needs and assess whether you can meet or develop those needs internally or if you’ll have to recruit externally once the hiring freeze terminates. If you think you can develop the needs internally you’ll need to adopt talent redeployment practices by identifying opportunities to move talent from one role to another. This way you’ll also nurture your talent and retain productive employees. However if this isnt possible with your current employees you can always rely on WalkWater Talent Advisors one of the best recruitment companies in India who can help recruit the most suitable candidates for all kinds of vacancies and jobs thanks to their years of experience and expertise in a diverse range of fields. Discuss with stakeholders Take the time of hiring freeze as an opportunity to discuss your expectations with your stakeholders and review how well your firm is meeting those expectations or how you need to adjust your practices to meet the desired goals. This way you’ll ensure that your

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organization is on the same page from top to bottom that is from stakeholders to employees. Recreate a successful hiring strategy Once you’re out of the hiring freeze you’ll again be practicing hiring processes so why not use this time to recreate a successful hiring strategy The three main principles of hiring success include a compelling candidate experience engaged hiring managers and productive recruiters. A compelling candidate experience is highly significant and relevant during a hiring freeze. Providing your candidates with a high quality interview experience can keep your company distinct against other organizations in your niche that are competing for top talent. Some of the crucial elements of a candidate-centric hiring strategy are an authentic voice ease to express connection and structured processes and discussions. Establish yourself as a role model Last but not the least you need to be absolutely transparent and honest if you want to boost company morale and make your employees feel values and involved during the downturn period. In addition respond to the freeze period with a positive attitude and a sharpened focus on work to present to your employees a model that they ought to follow to optimize performance and maintain morale. Besides think of ways to leverage the brainpower of your employees to conceptualize ways that can eliminate inefficiencies and streamline tasks by eliminating barriers to success by using only the available budget and resources in the times of economic

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crisis. Finally keep reminding your staff how much you value their hard work by sending small gestures cards emails or informal group activities. Doing so will certainly have a noticeable impact on their morale and performance during a freeze period. With all of this you’ll certainly come out of a hiring freeze better and improved ready to resume hiring with assistance from one of the best recruitment companies in India. For more Information:

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