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Talent Acquisition – Strategies And Steps - WalkWater Talent Advisors Talent acquisition is an ongoing HR process that is carried out to acquire skilled workers in alignment with a company’s business goals regardless of immediate vacancies. This is why talent acquisition specialists always have a challenging task in hand of recruiting top talent for a client. Involving everything from employer branding and recruitment to candidate relationship management and talent development a talent acquisition firm can help place an effective candidate within an organization one that is eligible to satisfy the business goals in the future. Why is a talent acquisition strategy important Talent acquisition is not a simple process of simply looking for candidate profiles and matching them with the job vacancy requirement of the organization to help the company hire. It requires a complete thorough talent acquisition strategy. Such a

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developed strategy is critical to identify candidates that are likely to provide an excellent culture fit assessing passive candidates for possible roles within an organization and positioning a company as a preferred employer to young professionals building an uninterrupted talent pipeline. Therefore talent acquisition is not just HR it is so much more. And a professional offering talent acquisition services is required to have cross-disciplinary expertise in all areas of marketing sales public development and candidate development. A talent acquisition strategy – Five successful steps Inbound recruiting – Attracting the best talent without actively seeking them out is possible by building a strong employer brand initiating recruitment marketing campaigns and keeping an eye on inbound leads that can convert into hired employees. To make such inbound recruiting possible it is important to create a smart recruitment website encourage referrals and leverage candidate- focused content to create an employer brand narrative. Outbound recruiting – This involves looking at social channels paid job ads and automated email campaigns to advertise for a job post actively. The recruitment efforts must be ramped up with intelligent job descriptions which can generate leads or applicants. Filtering and selection – Simply hiring a candidate for the job isnt done. There must be verification screening and assessing a

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candidate’s performance against various parameters such as educational qualifications skill set domain expertise work ethics personality career goals and culture fit with the company’s values. Conversion and onboarding – With the above three steps it becomes possible to convert an applicant into a finalized employee discussing upon various aspects like the job profile the salary any benefits the candidate journey and other expectations. Once all of this is finalized the candidate is taken on for preliminary training and reviewing for the first few weeks. Continuous improvement – When seen on an average almost 30 of new hires leave a company within 3 months of joining a company. This is why it is important to sustain candidates long term which is possible through regular reviews and improvement efforts. These five steps make for a successful talent acquisition process. But again depending upon the situation and requirements there could be changes in the strategies used. For example when bulk recruitment is required there needs to be a balance between the quality of each candidate the efforts put in as well as the costs involved. Similarly when recruitment is required for a strategic role an initial teething period cannot be afforded and the senior candidates need to take up huge responsibilities for the first day itself. This is why a dedicated strategy is required for such strategic role hires. Thus every recruitment requirement needs a different hiring strategy with different rules of sourcing and engagement. It is

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hence a good idea to partner with experienced and reliable talent acquisition firms to meet such requirements. WalkWater Talent Advisors is one of the leading talent acquisition companies in India who can with their deep market connect and understanding of realizing that each industry operates with its own set of technicalities and context deliver candidates who are apt for creating the required vision driving change and creating a high performing organization. For more Information: https://www.walkwatertalent.com/

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