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Waitease provides information about Auto, Call Taxi, MTC buses & Chennai Local Trains. Check bus, train, auto and taxi fares, bus route in Chennai. Find MTC bus and train timings online free @


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About Chennai:

Chennai covers 1177sq km area 172 sq kms forms the city 5.7 million population in 1991 Now increased to 9 million About Chennai

History of MTC :

In 1947 –Government of Madras introduced 30 buses In 1956 Pallavan Transport Corporation Limited was Formed by TN Government. The fleet strength gradually increased to 2332 in 1994 Pallavan Transport Corporation and Dr.Ambedkhar Transport Corporation was bifurcated In 2001 both the divisions were amalgamated into Metropolitan Transport Corporation Ltd History of MTC

About MTC:

MTC has a fleet of 3700 Vehicles 3481 Services in 783 routes from 25 depots spread all over Chennai metropolitan area Bus utilization is about 309 km per day 23944 employees are working in MTC 73 main terminals with 151 way side terminals in operation 5.5 to 6 million passengers use MTC Services daily About MTC

Problems Faced by Passengers:

Where is the Bus stop ? What bus number goes to the destination ? What route the bus takes and where to get down ? What time the bus will be available ? Problems Faced by Passengers

Our Mission:

To Create an all efficient Database of bus routes in the city Providing option for commuters to plan the trip using two different modes(Train and Bus) or two different buses Our Mission

The Deliverables……:

The public will be able to know if the bus is crowded apart from knowing about the bus’s timing Once Waitease website finds its patronage, public transport ridership shall drastically improve in the city The data output will greatly help in improving people’s faith in public transport and enhance its safety and security This information will be made available free on the internet, so that people can use real time data to plan trips Waitease will ultimately help Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) to try out passenger-friendly measures to improve patronage The Deliverables……


Each time we Go Greener with any public transport system, we reduce the impact on the environment and increase the green in our wallet Driving alone burns fuel and produces exhaust to move only one person Taking public transport  or sharing the ride in a carpool or vanpool produces just a fraction of emissions per person to cover those miles. Buses and trains break up congestion on our roadways, moving people more efficiently. Buses and trains also free up space for other vehicles doing things like shipping goods or providing emergency services. GO GREEN CHENNAI

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