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Important things to keep in mind while closing your swimming pool!:

Important things to keep in mind while closing your swimming pool!

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Pool closing refers to covering and closing the swimming pool in winters as it is of no use. It is necessary to close the pool once the summers are gone so that it won’t get damaged or have grown debris while it is not in use . For more information:

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Pool closing and opening both are challenging tasks, and everyone cannot do it effectively. You need to have the proper knowledge and skills to close the pool properly. If you don't have much knowledge about pool closing, then you can follow the following tips to learn more about it and do it efficiently.

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Vacuum out all the debris When a swimming pool is not used for an extended period, it is common to see some growth of unwanted plants and algae. So, if you want a clean pool when you reopen it in the summers, you must clean all the debris and dirt in the pool before closing it. One of the best ways to clean a pool is using a brush and vacuum. You must ensure that all the sides and floor are properly brushed and cleaned. Then you can use a skimmer and vacuum cleaner to skim and vacuum the swimming pool.

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Close at the right water level Checking the water level is one of the most important tasks to do during pool closing. There are different closing water levels for different areas, as it depends on the temperature. If you live in an area where the temperature is quite low, around freezing point, then you must keep the water level at least 4-6 inches lower than the tile line. If the temperature is normal, then you can fill water to the upper limit.

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