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5 Sneaky Tricks To TRIPLE Fat Loss Results Joel Marion CISSN NSCA-CPT Courtesy of XtremeFatLossDiet.com

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The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 2.1 Now on to the sneakiness…

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Ohhhhh so sneaky... Well I’m writing this report sitting about 100 feet in the air out by the pool on an 81 degree day here in downtown Tampa Florida. So given that I’m feeling pretty “laid back” at the moment I hope you don’t mind i.e. I hope you enjoy the conversational tone of the next several pages—after all you signed up to receive this report from me so I think that pretty much qualifies us as friends at this point right Yes…it does.  So you want to learn some strategies to start losing fat faster huh Yeah well who the heck doesn’t Just kidding. Truth is I’m stoked that you’re super interested in faster fat loss techniques because that’s exactly what I have in store for you over the course of the next 27 pages—some really cool under-the-radar methods you can start using immediately to help you significantly increase your rate of fat loss today. Not tomorrow today. So listen up or “read up” I suppose take some notes or just go ahead and print this bad boy out bust out a highlighter and a protein shake and prepare to get your learn on. Why Cause a little bird aka myself told me that fat loss guru Super Joe Mario is about to let the cat out of the bag on some of the sneakiest fat loss tricks he knows and it’s all going down right now.

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Sneaky Trick 1 – Eat Pizza No seriously Alright within Sneaky Trick 1 I’m going to be unveiling what may be some repeat info for some of you i.e. those of you who are super cool and already follow a lot of my teachings but in order for the rest of the report to make sense I simply have talk about the regulation of bodyweight and metabolism and the numero uno way to avoid the negative adaptations of long-term calorie restriction less affectionately termed “dieting”. “Oooooo…” I know I need to watch my language. So you go on a diet and week after week the weight continues to come off like magic—eat less and exercise that’s all there is to it. Yeah righhhhhhhhht. If only it were that simple. In fact if it were we’d probably all be sportin’ abs and bodies resembling those of the supernatural Greeks—after all the results in and of themselves would be motivation enough to keep going. Point in case: I don’t know of anyone who went off a diet when things were smooth going and fat was falling off at record speed do you No…you don’t.

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Unfortunately the sad reality is that things just aint that easy.  Go on a diet and a few weeks later your body SCREWS you by doing everything it can to keep you from losing fat further. Now while you may think that your body is a just a jerk and it may be I mean I don’t really know your body to say one way or another it’s actually much more likely that your body cares deeply about you and is trying to protect you. Huh Well you see starving is not cool. Believe me John Romaniello tried it and it totally wasn’t. So when you’re “starving” your body attempts to counteract the lack of food by “saving” your own body fat. Why Simple: fat warmth and energy two very important things for your survival when food just so happens to be scarce. The problem is that your body doesn’t really know the difference between starving and dieting. After all the latter is simply a “planned” lesser degree of the former. I’m using quotes way too much I’ll try to do better. For those who didn’t quite catch that dieting starvation on a slightly lesser scale. Bottom line you’re taking in fewer calories than you need and to your body that’s a problem and a substantial one.

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So what does it do to correct the problem Fun stuff: slows metabolism decreases fat burning hormones increases fat storing hormones and “protects” your current body fat stores. All not good in terms of fat loss results. The major player in this whole chain of events is the hormone leptin. Consider leptin the “big daddy” hormone from which all other weight loss hormones get their cues. In fact leptin plays such a huge role in the starvation protection process that it’s actually referred to as the “anti-starvation” hormone. Understanding leptin: Leptin is regulated by two things. One is your calorie intake. A high calorie intake equals high leptin levels while a low calorie intake equates to low leptin levels. When leptin falls so does metabolism and fat burning which you don’t want in case you didn’t know. So how do you “diet” i.e. eat fewer calories without having low levels of leptin causing your body to decrease metabolism and fat burning Interestingly enough leptin’s waning response to dieting is a gradual one. It takes about a week of dieting for leptin to significantly decline by about half.

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So after that one single week—a whopping 7 days—you’re sitting there at about 50 of your fat burning potential. WACK. Fortunately there’s good news. Scratch that—GREAT news. Let me ask you a question: Do you like pizza Of course you do. Everyone loves pizza and everyone knows that. You love this.

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What if I told you that you could use pizza or any other food that you absolutely love that “diets” just don’t let you have to reverse the negative adaptations of dieting skyrocket leptin levels and send your body right back in to the fat burning zone in as little as 24 hours. It’s all true. I know tears of joy. In fact I can remember the first time I read those 307 research papers on the regulation of human bodyweight and metabolism all pointing to pizza for fat loss. I cried all night…and then ordered Papa John’s at 2am. It was awesome. To summarize: while it takes about 7 days for leptin to decline significantly it only takes one day of overfeeding or “cheating” to bring leptin levels back up to normal and put your body back in to the fat burning zone. And that glorious day is what I have frequently referred to in my previous writings as the Cheat Day. Now in order to make cheat days work for optimal fat loss every other day of the diet needs to be strategically set up to optimize the fat loss results of that day but the fact remains if you’re dieting 7 days a week week after week you’re screwed. That approach yields several possible outcomes none of which are desirable.

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If you truly want to lose fat consistently week after week you need to have higher calorie days built in to your program. And you know what 1000 calories of pizza works better than 1000 calories of oatmeal. Apparently there are lame people who when instructed to “go off their diet” respond by eating more oatmeal. I know I know…me either…but it’s true. So why does something like pizza work better Well the answer as usual is research derived Hey I’m a research junkie which means as long as you continue to stick by my side you’ll never have to read that boring crap yourself. Anyway the research shows that leptin is highly correlated with another hormone: insulin. When insulin goes up so does leptin and vice versa. Which foods have the highest insulin response Those containing both high glycemic carbohydrate + fat. In fact the insulin response of these foods is said to be synergistic if you don’t know what that means here’s a good resource: http://dictionary.com So stuff like Mac Cheese I’m not sure why I capitalized that pizza doughnuts cookies Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups pastries ice cream and anything else that combines carbs + fat all work exceptionally well to raise leptin levels and reset metabolism. You could of course go with a “cleaner” choice like pasta + cheese lasagna anyone if you don’t want to eat cookies. I however will continue to enjoy my Double Stuff ®.

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There’s only one thing better than Double Stuff ® Oreos ®. Quadruple Stuff ™. Yeah baby. That’s my trademark by the way. Oh and the other thing that affects leptin levels is body fat levels. That is higher body fat levels higher levels of leptin and lower body fat levels lower levels of leptin. This is one of the reasons its easier to lose fat when you have substantial body fat to lose up front as opposed to the considerably more difficult feat of going from lean to super lean. Either way you look at it for each pound of fat you lose it becomes increasingly harder to lose the next pound due to fallen leptin levels. This also contributes to progressively slower fat loss as you get leaner. But wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to continue to lose fat exceptionally fast even as you get leaner Well there is but in order to do so it requires a VERY strategic approach and some rather extreme methods.

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Fortunately that’s exactly what I teach in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet – exactly how to combine those extreme methods in the most strategic possible sequence to yield the fastest possible fat loss in order to take you from where you currently are to the point in which you’re absolutely “shredded” as they say without a single “lull” in your rate of progress. And have no fear…more coming on that front very soon. Until then… Sneaky Trick 2: MASSIVE Calorie Deficits That Actually Work A pound of fat is 3500 calories. So to lose 10 pounds of pure fat you need to create a 35000 calorie deficit. By the way she’s only holding 5 lbs of fat.

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please realize that 10 lbs of fat loss will probably equate to somewhere between 15 and 20 lbs of actual “weight loss” due to the simultaneous water loss that occurs any time you lose fat. So a 35000 calorie deficit huh That’s easy. In fact if you didn’t eat anything for 15 days combined with exercise you’d probably burn even more than that and finish up absolutely shredded after only 2 weeks of sacrifice right WRONG. Due to the leptin and regulation of body weight and metabolism reasons shared previously you’d be wasting a heck of a lot of time and sacrifice for some pretty crappy results should you choose to go with the above method. In fact you’d probably end up looking “sick” and still fat. Way to go… Creating massive calorie deficits by not eating simply do NOT work for optimal fat loss and physique transformation and those looking for a quick fix all too often fall victim to trying something so silly in attempt to wake up next week with the body of their dreams. Simply put you’re body is smarter than these elementary methods and it will very quickly put the kibosh on your fat burning efforts in favor of protecting you from starving to death. So does that mean that the “slow and steady” road is the only path to fat loss or that rapid fat loss is a dead dream Nope It just requires “smarter” methods that keep you one step ahead of your body always in “good standing” instead of repeatedly aggravating it by denying it the nutrients and energy it needs to function.

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So how can we be smart about rapid fat loss Well there are a number of ways that when combined in the most strategic fashion equal super duper killer fat loss results but one of the pieces of the puzzle is to create a massive calorie deficit that actually works because it’s timed appropriately in conjunction with a time in which your body is very receptive to fat burning. Hmmmm. When might the body be super primed for fat burning I’ll let you think about that for a minute… HINT: Reference Sneaky Trick 1 That’s right After a day of dietary indulgence Fact is after a Cheat Day your body is massively primed to burn fat. Leptin levels are at their peak in addition

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to other important fat burning hormones and your body is READY and WILLING to use fat for energy. So it’s after a high calorie day that you’ll want to create a massive calorie deficit via: 1. minimal calorie intake 2. massive energy expenditure through optimized exercise Essentially you’re creating a huge calorie deficit on a day in which your body is extremely primed to burn those calories as fat AND when metabolism is at its highest point. Make sense Good. Now you may be wondering won’t such a massive calorie deficit just throw your body back into “starvation mode” Not when you do it appropriately and set it up in the most strategic way possible. Two things you’ll need to do: 1. Use effective supplementation practices to protect against muscle loss while also buying you some time before your body “finds out” that your calorie intake is so low 2. Utilize what I call the “Triple X” approach to exercise involving resistance training and multi-energy system training Let’s discuss effective exercise strategies a little more in detail now – onward to sneaky trick 3

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Sneaky Trick 3 – Strategic Exercise Implementation and Periodization If you can learn how to use the most effective exercise strategies to “mirror” the goals of your diet each day while mixing up dietary approaches to yield specific hormonal and metabolic benefits in the most effective manner possible you can literally take your results from “okay” to out of this world. Now that sounds complicated so I’ll give you a quick example. Let’s take for instance the day after a Cheat Day in which the overall goals are to: 1. Create a large caloric deficit 2. Deplete maxed-out glycogen stores carbohydrate energy stores within the body caused by the previous day’s influx of carbohydrate 3. Exhaust all energy systems to satisfy 1 and 2 while burning additional fat calories to boot To accomplish these three goals we’ll use a series of dietary and supplemental strategies to do exactly that while using exercise strategies that accomplish the same goals for example: 1. Strategic lactic acid based workouts to burn massive calories and glycogen while stimulating the release of important fat burning hormones that further increase lipolysis fat burning 2. Strategic energy systems work that contain both anaerobic “carbohydrate- burning” and aerobic “fat-burning” components.

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Combining those types of exercise with dietary strategies that accomplish the same goals leads to a ridiculous fat burning effect. Essentially when you set up things this way you’re tackling your goals via both diet AND exercise. That’s like going after your financial goals via landing a job with a kick-butt income coupled with smart investing. One feeds the other or as my buddy John Romaniello says “One hand washes the other and both hands wash the face.” The face in this case obviously being your fat loss results. Anyway the above is just one example. Within the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet we have FIVE different “types” of diet days all with slightly different goals and a very specific exercise strategy to use on each that has led to some of the “sickest” fat loss results we’ve ever recorded to date with our clients. Make no mistake working with your diet hand in hand through exercise that mirrors the goals of each diet strategy can literally double your results beyond just “working hard” on each day. The synergy of strategy never ceases to amaze me. Sneaky Trick 4 – Pre-Cheat Depletion There is absolutely no doubt about it Cheat Days accelerate fat loss through strategic hormonal manipulation that keeps your body out of starvation mode. That being said a day of dietary indulgence can lead to a smidge of fat gain which if the goal is to lose fat as quickly as possible is not desirable.

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So let’s say you gain .5 lbs of fat as a result of a Cheat Day these are just hypothetical yet “reasonable” estimates and then lose 2.5 lbs of fat over the course of the next week. If you’re able to duplicate those numbers week after week and when starting with renewed metabolism and elevated levels of leptin each week you will be a net loss of 2 lbs per week aint too shabby. But what if you could avoid that .5 lbs of fat gain every week and burn an additional half pound of fat each week That’s the difference between losing 20 and 25 lbs within the same 10 week period or 25 MORE results. Well this slight “problem” if you even want to call it that has been something I’ve been experimenting with solving over the last months through something called Pre-Cheat Depletion. That’s right the consistent fast fat loss that I was previously able to accomplish with clients wasn’t enough for me. I knew there was room for improvement and simply put I wanted to make it better…I wanted results to come faster. That my friends is the dedication I have to my clients and customers. Enter Pre-Cheat Depletion. We know that along with a Cheat Day will come a massive surge of calories and carbohydrate leading to massive glycogen/carb storage within the liver and muscle tissue. Now let’s assume that glycogen stores are 60-75 full prior to a Cheat Day. Naturally those stores are going to fill up rather quickly with a massive carbohydrate intake on the Cheat Day and some of those carbs are likely to spill over to fat storage. Not all but some.

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So let’s solve this problem. On the day prior to the Cheat Day we’re going to go with: 1. A diet very low in carbohydrate so as not to “add” to the carbohydrate level currently in the body 2. Specific glycogen depleting workouts designed to empty the body’s current carbohydrate stores in order to “make room” for the following day’s splurge The result You get the SAME leptin boosting metabolism elevating effect from the Cheat Day without having to worry about ingested carbohydrate spilling over to fat storage. Why Because the preponderance of the carbohydrates you ingest are going to go towards re-filling glycogen stores not fat stores. Yes awesome again. By the way the workouts we use on depletion days of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet have some unique fat burning properties of their own. So not only will you deplete carbohydrate stores you’ll also increase your weekly fat burning at the same time. Pretty cool huh Yes it is. In fact it’s almost as cool as Craig Ballantyne holding a kettlebell randomly in a green pasture with a prairie dog beside him.

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Almost. Sneaky Trick 5 – Multi-functional Cheat Days Well we already know that Cheat Days can help you avoid fat loss plateaus while regularly enjoying your favorite foods and burning more fat than you ever could while staying “strict” with your diet but what else can they do for you You mean there’s even more Yes there is.

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And I know what you’re thinking: “Holy crap Cheat Days really are the best thing to happen since sliced bread.” Now to be fair I can’t really vouch for that first hand but I did ask some people who used to know some people who used to “break bread” as opposed to slice it back in the day and they agreed—that invention was the real deal. This is the real deal 2 – Anabolic and Catabolic Cheat Days. Previously you may have heard the term catabolic or catabolism used in a “negative” way in reference to the break down of muscle tissue or muscle- wasting but catabolic simply refers to any process in the body in which a “breaking down” of tissue occurs. So catabolism of fat certainly is a good thing. And that’s how we’re using it here: cheat days set you up for massive fat catabolism over the coming days but did you know that they can be anabolic too Not to fat tissue but to muscle tissue. How Remember Sneaky Trick 3 We choose our exercise selection based on the current day’s diet to yield optimal results. So how can we optimize the influx of calories carbohydrates and anabolic hormones that are all too present throughout the entire course of a Cheat Day in order to maximize results Well you could do nothing on a Cheat Day which provides no additional benefit or you could do the smart thing and use those calories carbs and hormones to spark new muscle growth by performing a strategic high volume “muscle- building” style workout as you enjoy your Cheat Day feast. This has several benefits:

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1. You’ll never feel fuller or experience a “pump” like you will while doing this style of workout on a cheat day. The workout just “feels” amazing. 2. Going from depleted to “full” while performing a high volume workout will create the most anabolic effect of any workout period. Such a drastic change in your nutrient intake and overall hormonal and metabolic state coupled with high-volume training yields the craziest “supercompensation” effect ever. To clarify I’m not saying you will build boatloads of muscle by using this method while being in a calorie deficit at most other times but it can undoubtedly help you add several pounds of lean muscle as you diet and lose fat rapidly via rather extreme methods which is pretty much unheard of otherwise. Bottom line: When you’re able to add some lean mass during your fat loss journey you’re going to look a HECK of a lot better than the all too common “emaciated” post-dieter who generally ends up LOSING 5-15 lbs of lean muscle. Like this guy.

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In fact my buddy and fellow fitness author Vince Del Monte and his wife Flavia used this very technique as they prepared for a professional photo shoot and together did the “impossible”: went from lean to super lean the hardest feat in fat loss while gaining lean muscle in the process. You see it’s pretty much an “accepted truth” that you’re going to sacrifice some muscle when attempting to get that lean but you know what Neither of them did…at all. In fact Flavia increased her lean muscle by a pound and Vinny put on THREE and a half pounds of lean mass over the course of just three weeks while working down to single digit “photo ready” body fat. Oh yeahhhh that’s hot. With strategy you can do “the impossible” and it’s simply because your methods are smarter than the methods that people deemed a task impossible with. And that’s essentially what the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is all about—the fastest fat loss

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you’ve ever experienced—period—resulting from the most strategically set up diet and exercise program ever designed. If there is one “lesson” that you take away from this report in addition to all the cool fat burning info I hope that it’s this: Hard work does NOT in and of itself equal results. In fact most times it doesn’t. Intense efforts + Inefficient methods Frustration. Effective strategy + Effective methods + Hard work Xtreme Results. Lose up to 25 lbs in just 25 days It’s all in the strategy and it’s all coming your way May 1 st . I’d probably go buy a new belt if I were you…

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The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 2.1

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About Joel Marion CISSN NSCA-CPT Joel Marion has been recognized by Men’s Fitness magazine as one of America’s top 50 personal trainers and even more America’s 1 “Virtual” Trainer. When it comes to getting results with clients regardless of location Joel delivers time and time again. As a nationally published author and fitness personality Joel has appeared on such television networks as NBC ABC and CBS is a frequent guest on SIRIUS satellite radio and has been featured in the pages of more than 20 popular national newsstand magazines including Men’s Fitness Woman’s Day Maximum Fitness Oxygen Clean Eating MuscleMag International and Muscle Fitness Hers. His other accomplishments include winning the world’s largest Body Transformation contest for “regular” people the Body-for-Life Transformation Challenge as well as graduating Magna Cum Laude from a top-20 Exercise Science program and being certified as both a sports nutritionist and personal trainer through the nation’s premier certification agencies. Rest assured you’re in good hands.

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3 1 7 “CHEAT” FOODS THAT burn FAT Before we get started i want you to know that this report is for Yo U whether you’re male or female younger or more mature and if you’ve tried yet failed to lose weight with cheap diet pills pre-packaged diet meals starvation diets exercise DVDS ab gadgets or even “dieting” in general… believe me there is a better way… that greedy weight loss companies hope you never hear about… Hi this is 4-time bestselling author and nutritionist Joel Marion and here’s a photo of me with my beautiful wife l isa look how great she looks at 40 and our 1 year old daughter l ily…isn’t she just adorable She truly is my pride and joy… n ow as a busy family man myself i know your time is extremely valuable which is why in this fast-paced weight loss report i’m going to quickly GiVe you 3 of my best rapid fat loss insider secrets including how you can strategically begin using foods like pizza and ice cream to immediately accelerate your fat loss results as early as today’s lunch dinner or whenever your next meal is scheduled to roll around.

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4 Sounds far-fetched i know but stick with me and i’ll show you how. and to further thank you for downloading this report not only will i share those 3 breakthrough strategies with you—easy-to-implement strategies responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of people all over the world walking around with slimmer sexier waistlines by putting them to good use—but when you read this information packed report to the end i’m also going to reveal to you a brand new trick my clients are using that’s currently yielding results better than anything we’ve ever tried…and here’s the best part… it only takes 30 seconds to execute each day. But before we jump in to those powerful fat-burning tips and tricks i’m going to share a story with you that’s pretty embarrassing… you’ll see why in just a moment so keep reading… in fact there’s one part of the story that i almost permanently edited out of this report entirely because it really is that embarrassing…but i chose to leave it in so you can truly understand this one fundamental truth: You see while i’ve been fortunate enough to have my work positively affect millions upon millions of men and women via countless newsstand magazines television shows and news outlets for more than a decade i wasn’t always the “diet guru” i’m known as today. in fact if you were to come across me in my college days—a period of time in which most people are sporting the best bodies of their life—you wouldn’t have a clue that i even worked out.

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5 Sadly i was working out…to the tune of 2 draining hours a day…and on top of that i was doing everything i thought i should do to “eat right” in an attempt to change my body. But as you may have also experienced at one time or another or perhaps you’re dealing with it right now despite all my hard work i wasn’t getting anywhere. My body was still as pudgy as ever my gut still hung over my belt buckle and i was still struggling to get the attention from the opposite sex i was so desperately hoping to receive. in all honesty my struggle with my weight was affecting all aspects of my life: my happiness my dating and social life my job… all the way down to my confdence and even my perception of how others viewed me. and perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this whole time period was that no matter how much i starved myself or how long i worked out every day my fat stores just wouldn’t budge. Have you ever felt like being “lean” and having a desirable body just wasn’t possible for you t hat no matter what you did or how hard you tried that you’d still never succeed I have and I can tell you frsthand it’s not a fun feeling. and if any of my personal experiences sound familiar to you let me assure you… it’s not your fault. You see the unfortunately reality is that our bodies are naturally programmed with good reason to make weight loss painstakingly diffcult. Fortunately there is a solution which i’ll be sharing with you in just a minute… and i can honestly say that the catalyst for my “discovering” this solution were the events that played out on one sunny Saturday afternoon in t ulsa o klahoma…summer of 2000. although it was over 10 years ago now i can still remember that day like it was

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6 yesterday. it was hot…really hot… and a bunch of the guys from my dorm building were out on the campus basketball courts playing ball so i decided to join. i also knew that one girl in particular from my history class… a girl that i had my eye on since the beginning of the year was also there with a few of her friends. Her name was Becca… and man she was gorgeous… and sure with my weight issues and resulting low self-esteem i always assumed that Becca was more than just a little out of my league but having played basketball practically my whole life and actually being pretty good at it… i thought maybe… just maybe… today would be the day i got her attention. Well I was defnitely right but defnitely not in the way i had hoped…not in the least. You see having a belly and being rather self-conscious about it i naturally wore baggier clothes to hide the bulge i was fruitlessly working so hard to get rid of. So when the guys told me i was going in on the “skins” team i think i about half had a heart attack. t he truth is if there was one thing i wanted more than anything else at that point in my life it was to be able to take my shirt off in a situation like that and be proud of my body… i mean it’s everything i was working so hard for… the long hours in the gym the skipping meals the dry chicken breasts and bland vegetables… it was all in “hopes” that one day I’d have the body the confdence and the life that came along with achieving that dream body. instead that day was far from a dream for me…in fact as you’ll quickly see it was just a few short moments later when that day transformed in to a total nightmare. You see just as i took my shirt off i heard a female voice whisper something to the girl standing next to her that sounded more like a scream by the time it hit my ear… “eww keep your shirt on…nobody wants to see that.” and it was Becca.

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7 i was devastated. t he girl i was hoping to impress just publically exposed the epitome of my self-consciousness… everything i was working toward and hoping for came crumbling down in an instant. In fact I was so mortifed that just a few minutes in to the game I faked an ankle sprain just so i could get the heck out of there t alk about embarrassing When i got back to my dorm room i don’t think i could have felt any worse. Disappointment frustration guilt self-pity… I had offcially hit rock bottom. and perhaps you can relate to some of those things…perhaps you’re feeling some of those same emotions right now when you think about your own weight how it’s affecting your life and relationships and all the things you’ve tried that have failed to make a difference for you. Perhaps you’re thinking “What’s wrong with me... Why is it that no matter how hard i try i still can’t seem to drop the weight that i so desperately want gone” Listen: i was there. i lived it for many many years…and believe me some of those same questions ran through my head on an almost daily basis… …until that one day. You see while that summer day in 2000 was truly one of the lowest days of my life i can honestly look back and tell you without a shadow of a doubt it was that day that caused my entire life to change. t ruth is as i sat there on my dorm room bed embarrassed discouraged and distraught i still knew deep down inside that i couldn’t give up. and it was in that moment that low rock-bottom moment that i made a vow to myself… a commitment that i was going to read every last weight loss research paper academic journal and book that i could get my hands on until i found out why despite all my efforts i just couldn’t get rid of my troublesome body fat…and better yet i wasn’t going to stop until i found the solution that would help me overcome my struggles and fnally

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8 achieve the “dream” body that i desired and deserved. and that’s exactly what i did. You see it wasn’t even 6 months later that i was able to radically change my body and win one of the world’s largest body transformation contests Body-for-l ife held by ftness legend Bill Phillips. and over the last 10 years i’ve been able to help literally millions of people world-wide just like you fnally end the weight loss struggle and achieve their best bodies through my best-selling books and articles… but it never would have happened without frst failing miserably and hitting rock bottom on that summer o klahoma day. n ow remember in just a moment i’m going to share with you those 4 simple mind- blowing rapid fat loss techniques so you can experience even Better results than I did. After all you have the advantage of benefting from my more than 10 years experience that i didn’t have back then… and i’m only going to be GiVin G you all the latest cutting-edge strategies that are working BeSt for my clients today…including the one critical strategy that produces the most profound results in literally just 30 seconds a day…so make sure you keep reading… Before After

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9 But in order for any of those strategies to make sense you frst need to have an understanding of the one solitary hormone that can either make or break your weight loss journey… in fact if you don’t learn to control this hormone you might as well forget about losing fat at all…it really is that big of a deal. You see after several weeks of searching through countless research studies i stumbled upon the hormone that i now refer to as the “Fat Burning Hormone” and that hormone’s name is leptin. l eptin derived from the Greek word leptos meaning thin is essentially the “master” hormone that more or less controls eVer Y other weight loss hormone in your body… and your ability to burn fat as a whole. You see when you have leptin on your side fat loss becomes easy. When you don’t losing even a single pound can become virtually impossible. And here’s the unfortunate news: just about everyone is unknowingly fghting a losing battle with leptin each and every time they attempt to lose weight. You see the real underlying reason you’ve failed to lose weight in the past isn’t for lack of trying you don’t have bad genetics and there’s nothing physically wrong with you… the truth is that you failed simply because you didn’t know the simple ways to control your 1 weight loss hormone… leptin. With that said it’s pretty easy to see why so many folks and perhaps you’re one of them downright struggle to shed their unwanted body fat month after month year after year. l et me explain… First in order to burn fat your body depends on these two things: 1 high levels of leptin 2 highly sensitive leptin “receptors” which acts as the “lock” to leptin’s “key”

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10 n ow for the bad news… anytime you go on a diet and reduce your calorie intake leptin levels plummet and fat burning is dramatically reduced to a snail’s pace. Why Because leptin’s main function is to protect your body against starvation and in the midst of decreased food intake i.e. dieting your body unfortunately views your stored body fat as a huge asset to survival. after all body fat provides a vast supply of stored energy and warmth both highly- valued resources when food is in short supply. You see when you go on a diet your body isn’t aware of your hopes for a slim tight waistline or your desire to drop 20 lbs in time for your high school reunion or summer beach season. in fact the only thing it does know is that your calorie intake is now below “normal”… and to your brain that’s a big red fag. The result: reduced leptin levels and dramatically decreased fat burning. in fact research has shown that leptin levels drop by as much as 50 after just 7 days of dieting. t hat puts you at only 50 of your fat-burning potential just one Wee K in to your fat loss plan and it only gets worse with each passing day. and if that wasn’t bad enough with every pound you Do struggle to lose leptin levels fall even further making it even more diffcult for you to continue to lose fat. Why Because as mentioned in the face of calorie restriction your body views stored body fat as an asset to survival. t he more fat you lose the more “danger” your body senses and the harder it is to strip away that next pound. Hello fat loss plateaus

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11 n ow i hate to continue to be the bearer of bad news but the scenario i just explained is actually only Hal F the problem. t he other unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of people are al So suffering from a condition known as “leptin resistance” due to years of high body fat levels and a diet full of processed foods. l eptin resistance simply means that even at high levels leptin is no longer able to properly signal fat burning to your body dramatically decreasing its fat loss effects. t hat’s a pretty disheartening truth for the fat loss enthusiast but as i mentioned earlier there are 4 somewhat odd but extremely effective strategies you can begin using today that will ultimately end your struggle with leptin once and for all and fnally allow you to experience the excitement of seeing a thinner waist fatter stomach and a more defned body when looking back at yourself in the bathroom mirror each morning. The frst is the use of a technique known as periodic overfeeding or more simply put strategically “cheating” on your diet with all your favorites foods… like pizza and ice cream or if you’re like me my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies or my grandma’s mac n’ cheese…now that’s good stuff. ☺ n ow you may be wondering how in the world eating these “bad” foods can actually have a positive effect on your waistline and it all traces back to leptin. r ecall that leptin levels are highly correlated to your calorie intake and that after only one week of dieting levels can drop by as much as half putting you at a dismal 50 of your fat burning potential. And while that’s clearly bad news for anyone looking to achieve a fat belly fast there’s also a glimmer of hope hidden in that unfortunate truth. You see because leptin is so closely related to your calorie intake research also shows that periodically going o FF your diet and indulging in your favorite high calorie foods can give suffering leptin levels a much-needed bump in the right direction.

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12 For this reason i recommend to all my clients that they incorporate a weekly “cheat day” in to their nutrition programs—adding an additional 1000 calories or more in one day—and it’s something you should defnitely consider adding to yours. See even Lily enjoys a Cheat Day from time to time ☺ and here are some of my own favorite “Cheat” Foods: Joel’s Favorite “Cheat” Foods n ew York Style Pizza Grandmas Mac n Cheese Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookies Homemade Cherry Pie Fresh Baked l asagna Spaghetti Meatballs r ice Beans Plantains Cold Stone ice Cream Blueberry Pancakes Stuffed French t oast r aspberry Cream Crepes Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Japanese Hibachi Crème Brulee o f course my Cheat Days aren’t exclusively made up of these “treat” foods but a few sprinkled in here and there along with overall increased carbohydrate and calorie intake make for a very satisfying leptin-boosting day. t he down side to cheat days is that the increase in leptin they produce is somewhat

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13 short-lived and leptin levels will again begin to quickly decline once you return to a reduced calorie diet. n aturally you can’t have a cheat day eVer Y day and expect to lose fat so what else can be done to combat fallen leptin levels throughout the week t his brings me to sneaky trick 2 something i refer to as Reverse Carbohydrate Tapering with my clients. You see countless research papers have also concluded that of any nutrient carbohydrates are capable of having the greatest net effect on leptin levels. Here’s how to use it: after a cheat day when leptin levels start to decline add a small amount of additional carbohydrates—like 10 to 20 grams—to your diet each day until your next cheat day. t his “reverse carbohydrate tapering” technique will assist with preventing leptin levels from falling off too rapidly the only limitation lies in the amount of carbohydrates we’re able to use without negatively affecting fat loss. While eating even more carbohydrates daily would have an even greater impact on leptin the extra carbs and calories would also negatively impact your waistline. Somewhat of a catch-22 i know. n ow while the above two tricks will certainly have a positive effect on your body’s production of leptin as you attempt to lose weight the extra leptin won’t be very benefcial unless you also take steps to improve your body’s sensitivity to leptin. as mentioned previously “leptin resistance” is extremely common due to years of high body fat levels and diets full of processed foods and it essentially makes your body unresponsive to leptin even at high levels…like a car with a full tank of gas and a broken starter. This brings me to the third tip I promised: how consuming more of one specifc type of food can actually increase leptin sensitivity. Knowing that a large consumption of processed foods is one of the main contributors to leptin resistance you can immediately begin repairing your leptin receptors as soon

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14 as today by following this one simple rule: apart from your cheat day strive to eat only one-ingredient foods. What do i mean by one-ingredient foods Simple. a one-ingredient food is a food whose only ingredient is that food. Example One-Ingredient Foods t omatoes Chicken Beef Fish Green Beans Spinach apples Pears Cashews Walnuts almonds o lives avocado Black Beans eggs Yogurt Cherries r aspberries Blueberries o ther foods that fall in to this category Pretty much any meat vegetable nut seed oil bean or fruit. Unlike pre-packaged processed foods with a laundry list of artifcial ingredients and food additives that you can’t even pronounce all of these foods are whole natural foods that only contain one ingredient. and when you begin consuming a diet full of these types of foods—without all the junk—you’ll immediately begin to repair your leptin sensitivity and make leptin even more effective at signaling fat burning to your body. But what if i told you there is an even easier way to keep leptin levels high as you follow a wholesome diet plan that doesn’t pose the limitations that cheat days and carbohydrates do and what’s more what if i told you this “simple” method also increased leptin sensitivity at the same time is that something you might be interested in You see if you could do that you could essentially keep your body in a fat-burning state all the time… high leptin levels + high leptin sensitivity high levels of fat burning… 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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15 Can you just imagine how much More fat you’d burn if your body was no longer limiting your rate of fat loss t hat’s right: a lot more. and here’s the great news: there is indeed a drop-dead simple way to achieve exactly that and even better it only takes a measly 30 short seconds each day to implement. You see this simple “trick” involves a special combination of 5 odd fat-belly ingredients that researchers have discovered are able to tackle leptin from both problematic angles: production and sensitivity.