Get to Know Something About VOIP Phone System, Cisco Phone System


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Want to Know more details about the VOIP Phone System, Cisco Phone System & many more, then Visit this Powerpoint Presentation to get more details. Contact details are also given in the slide.


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Get to Know Something About VOIP Phone System, Cisco Phone System:

Get to Know Something About VOIP Phone System, Cisco Phone System

How VoIP Phone System Is Handy For Small Businesses? :

How VoIP Phone System Is Handy For Small Businesses? With the help of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system, it is essential to transmit telephone calls conveniently and get better voice quality. Advanced technology is used in the phone systems for small business for effective communication. The role of VoIP for small businesses has become valuable because it offers a number of benefits as per their industry-specific requirements.

Why do you need to consider office phone systems?:

Why do you need to consider office phone systems? 1.  Enables Unified Messaging:   Office Phone systems delivers multiple types of messaging (voice mail, etc) in a single go to your email inbox. The users can receive the voicemail on the handset and they can share and manage their communication in an effective and convenient manner. 2.  Video Calling:  This feature is usually provided by advanced phone service providers that offer integrated video calling to ease off face-to-face interactions from any remote location. These are compatible with Windows or both iOS and Android devices. 3.  Integrated Instant Messaging (IM&P).  This feature offers unified communication and is integrated with both your calendar as well as your phone system. This integrated phone system enables to see the user’s availability in real time if it is a meeting or on an active phone call.  4.  Mobility Feature:  These days employees not only need to be mobile within the office premises but they also have to communicate effectively while on the move. With this mobility feature, users can take calls on mobile devices and then transfer them over the desk phone. The feature such as on-phone corporate directory, click on and dial enables knowledge workers to effectively work regardless of their location.

Striking Features of VoIP Systems for Small Businesses:

Striking Features of VoIP Systems for Small Businesses Features of VoIP Systems for Small Business : Call Recording:  To reduce the business liability it is always good if you have the recording of every customer contact. Prior detection of any security problem can help you in any inappropriate employee activity. Live Answering Facility:  This facility can help professionals, receptionists to be available 24×7. Answering the customer service requests and order processing can help employees to better focus on higher level tasks. Cost effective Voice Broadcasting:  With the help of voice broadcasting, a business can directly communicate in small, medium or large groups. It also comes with video analytics that helps companies to track any communication and analyze ROI.

PBX system for small business :

PBX system for small business In place of using the circuit switches to route calls, internet protocols are being used to transmit the voice. That is why a  PBX system ,  which when is successfully integrated with internet and functions using the internet as the key medium is also known as VoIP or voice over internet protocol. The buck doesn’t stop here. Apart from voice, data like pdf files, videos, images could also be shared over the same network. Basically, making the system a one-stop-shop for all the business needs. With this system, a business is capable of providing the employees with the most important convenience which was unthinkable before the internet came into the picture. That is mobility. Now employees needn’t be restricted to their seat. Phone calls are received anywhere by rerouting calls to their cellular device.

Why PBX Phone System is Important:

Why PBX Phone System is Important PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Still not sure what this means? Well, read on! Simply put it is the name of enterprise-class phone systems, which are seemingly only afforded by the large organizations. Well, that’s not the case nowadays. With the advent of the internet and IP telephony, a much affordable version of the erstwhile PBX system has become a major player with regards to business communications, that is the IP  PBX phone system . It makes all the features like call conferencing, connecting to extensions, customer waiting for queues, music on hold, and routing calls during unavailability. 

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