Weather and Its Types


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Weather is the state of the atmosphere, to the degree that it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy.


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Atmosphere Layers of atmosphere Weather Various weather conditions Important instruments and gadgets ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved


Atmosphere Atmosphere is the blanket of air that surrounds the earth. It protect the Earth from the harmful radiations coming from the sun by trapping them. The atmosphere is made of various gases and varies in density as one moves away from the surface of the earth. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Layers of Atmosphere:

Layers of Atmosphere The atmosphere comprises of 5 layers namely Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere Exosphere ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved


Troposphere This layer is closest to the earth’s surface. It extends to a height of 12 Km or 7 miles. Weather variations takes place in this layer. Stratosphere This is next to troposphere and ranges from 12 Km to 50 Km. It contains ozone layer and blocks the UV rays of the Sun. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved


Mesosphere Mesosphere is next to stratosphere extending from 50 Km to 80 Km. The highest clouds are found in this layer. Thermosphere It extends from 80 Km to 700 Km. It has very low density. The international space station orbits the earth in this layer. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved


Exosphere Exosphere is the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere ranging from 700 Km to 10,000 Km. Most of the satellites orbiting the Earth are present in this layer. This is also called ionosphere as it contains a lot of ions of Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, oxygen etc. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved


Weather Weather can be defines as the conditions of the atmosphere of a particular place with regards to temperature, rain, wind conditions and humidity. Weather differs from place to place and from day to day. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Weather conditions:

Weather conditions The various weather conditions are: Sunny Cloudy Rainy Snowy Windy Foggy Hail Thunderstorm ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Sunny Day:

Sunny Day Sunny day is characterized by warm to hot temperature conditions. The sun shines bright in the sky. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Cloudy Day:

Cloudy Day A cloudy day is when the sky and the sun is covered with clouds. As the sun is covered by clouds, the day is comparatively darker than a sunny day. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Rainy Day:

Rainy Day These are the days when the sky is covered in dark clouds and rain pours down on Earth. Rain can be accompanied by thunder and lightening. If the sun shines after the rain, RAINBOWs are formed in the sky. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Snowy day:

Snowy day Snowy day is when snow falls down from the cloud instead of rain water. It occurs in very cold regions where the water freezes to snow and falls down from the clouds. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Windy day:

Windy day Fast winds blow on this type of day. It may or may not be cloudy. Fast winds are strong and thus can damage property or plants and trees. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Foggy Day:

Foggy Day Foggy day is when the clouds come down too close to the land. It seems as if a blanket of smoke is covering the area. Visibility reduces if the fog is too dense. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Hail storm:

Hail storm Hail is when the rain water freezes to ice and falls down as HAIL. At times hail storm can be accompanied by rain. Depending upon the cold temperature, the hail stones can be of different sizes. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved


Thunderstorm Thunderstorm is when the clouds produce loud thunder and lightening. It can accompanied by rain and winds. ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved

Important Instruments:

Important Instruments Instruments Use to measure Thermometer Air and sea temperature Barometer Atmospheric pressure Hygrometer Humidity Anemometer Wind speed Pyranometer Solar radiation Rain gauge Amount of rainfall Disdrometer Rain drop size Transmissometer Visibility Ceilometer Cloud ceiling ©2017 Inc. All rights reserved


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