GSM Logical Channels

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Logical channels Control channels Traffic channels BCCH DCCCH CCCH FCCH SCH BCCH PCH AGCH RACH SDCH SACCH FACCH Half Rate Full Rate and EFR BCCH & CCCH (except for RACH) Uses TS0 of C 0 downlink RACH uses TS0 of C 0 Up link SDCH & SACCH uses TS2 of C 0 on the UL and DL Freq. correction burst Synchronization burst Normal burst Access burst Each burst is 156.25 bit times long and is carried in one

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Transmitter Modulator Burst formatting ciphering Interleaving Channel coding Speech coding segmentation A/D conversion Microphone 33.8 kbps 22.8 kbps 13 kbps 8 kHz 13 bits Transmitter Path