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Nice Carnival 2022 – A Definitive Guide for Tourists Sybarites The hugely popular tourist country France is readying itself to host one of the oldest biggest and best carnivals of the world – Nice Carnival 2022 from 10 th February to 27 th February. This Annual Festival had themes like:  King of Cinema 2019  King of Fashion 2020 The theme which was reserved for 2021 had to be postponed to 2022. So the theme for Carnaval de Nice 2022 will be King of Animals. History of Nice Carnival 2022 Nice Carnival of France happens to be one of the oldest and longest-running carnivals in the world. Did you know Nice Carnival has been around since the middle ages

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One of the earliest mentions about Nice Carnival was done in 1294 by the King of Sicily. The main reason for the beginning of the Nice Carnival Festival is to mark the end of winter and the arrival of spring harvest season. In the early days this Carnival was held in private which boasted masquerade balls and private parties. The event was very lavish then. But in 1830 everything changed when the Queen of Naples and the King of Sardinia arrived in Nice during Carnival. Public parades were organized to honor them and this led to the modern-day celebrations that you see everywhere. These public parades also led to a famous attraction of Nice Carnival 2022 – The Flower Parade.

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Prominent Events of Carnaval de Nice 2022 The Opening Ceremony This spell-binding ceremony will take place on 11 th February from 6.30 PM at Place Massena. The event is free to enter so hop into the festival to enjoy some amazing experiences that include:  Carnival Herald  Flower-covered Floats  Musical Troupes  Flag Bearers  Dancers and much more Take Part in the Belgian Carnival From 11 th to 13 th February Belgians will become a spotlight in the Nice Carnival. From colorful costumes to groovy music huge hats bells and clogs you will witness Belgian culture like never before.

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Corso Carnavalesque One of the major attractions of Nice Carnival is the Carnival floats. And you will get to see a whopping 17 floats that are beautifully decorated according to them – King of Animals. These parades usually feature live music musical groups street art troupes and some amazing backgrounds from all over the world. These make the Nice Carnival color and the best event for families Nice Carnival 2022 Tickets If you prefer getting your tickets offline then you can do so after landing in Nice. You will come across many kiosks or office all around the city that sells tickets to the Carnival in France 2022. Head over to the Promenade des Anglia’s that’s where the main tourist office in Nice is located. You can also get tickets to the Carnival from here if you are unable to find any other kiosks nearby your place of stay.

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If you want to have less fuss then consider booking your tickets online. Head over to the official website of Nice Carnival or click on the link provided here cewebsiteutm_mediumbannerutm_campaignwebsite-carnaval to book your slots for various types of events. Some of the events that you can take part in are as follows:  Large Corso Opening Illuminates  Battle of Flowers  Corso Carnavalesque Parada Nissarda and many more Got all the information you need about Nice Carnival 2022 Now simply apply for a Visa for France and head over to the charming country to experience one of the best carnivals in the world. Know more: 2022-definitive-guide-for.html