The 5 Absolute Best Museums in Paris That You Must Visit

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The 5 Absolute Best Museums in Paris That You Must Visit The charming city of Paris happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And rightly so because this wonderful city is known for its spell-binding attractions mouth-watering food one-of-a-kind shopping destinations and a variety of museums. The Museums in Paris are not just limited to ancient exhibits but also include artworks historic objects sculptures and other items which help you delve deep into the rich history of France. But before you decide to travel to France and visit these museums here is an interesting article that will help you to know about some of the best Museums in Paris. 5 Museums of Paris that You Must Visit The Louvre – One of the Most Visited Museums in Paris The Louvre is regarded as one of the largest museums on the planet with an area of 60600 sq meters.

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The Louvre holds popular artworks like Mona Lisa and many more. Many historians consider the Louvre to have the greatest collection of artworks in the world. Did you know The Louvre Museum has around 380000 works of art in its gallery. If you try to watch them all then it might take more than a day The entrance of the museum is also an artistic one as it has a beautiful pyramid that was added to the complex in the 1980s. Head over to the Rue de Rivoli to witness this magnanimous museum with your friends or family and click some amazing pictures for memories. Palace of Versailles – It is more than a Museum The Palace of Versailles happens to be the second-best museum in Paris after the Louvre. If the Louvre museum weren’t there then the Palace of Versailles would’ve taken top honors.

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Reaching this amazing palace cum museum is easy as you simply need to take a short ride on the RER followed by a 10-minute walk. The Palace of Versailles happens to be a museum as well as a royal massive real estate. This wonderful place isn’t just a museum filled with history and art but the exteriors i.e. the gardens and the greenery are just as impressive as the museum itself The place is so huge that it will take about 2-3 days to completely explore the entire museum Musée De L’Orangerie – For Art Enthusiasts The Musée De L’Orangerie is well-known for showcasing the artworks of Claude Monte. If you are an art enthusiast then you will know who Claude Monet is. He is the founder of impressionist paintings who happens to be from France. His artworks can be regarded as a key precursor to modernism paintings.

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One of the popular attractions of this museum is the Water Lilies by Monet. This beautiful exhibit was painted post the WWI armistice and was the only art installation during that time. Here are some other reasons why you should visit the Musée De L’Orangerie:  Affordable tickets – starting from 6 Euros  You can easily head over to this museum from the Louvre  Crowds are less which means you get to enjoy watching each artwork Head over to the Jardin Tuileries 1 st Arrondissement to visit this amazing Paris Museum. Musée D’Orsay – A Hub of Artworks The Musée D’Orsay is located close to the Louvre and just across the river which makes the museum easy to find. Initially this museum was known by the name Orsay Train Station or the Gare d’Orsay. Interestingly the architecture from the 1900s remains the same to date.

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And the station was known to be one of the first electrified urban train stations in the world so the museum does carry a rich history. The huge museum is well known for its more than 80000 artworks which date from the 19 th century to the early 20 th century. The interiors are pretty good as has a much more relaxed ambience than the Louvre. And if you love fewer crowds then Musée D’Orsay is the place to be Try taking a guided tour through this museum as that will help you to know more about the history and the story behind the artworks. Head over to the 1 Rue de la Legion d’Honneur to visit this charming museum with your loved ones. Rodin Museum – A Museum of Sculptures Auguste Rodin after which this museum is named happens to be one of the most popular French sculptors to date.

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One of his most famous sculptures is the Thinker which is placed in the Rodin Museum. This amazing museum is located next to the Invalides Metro Station. So reaching there shouldn’t be much of an issue. This alluring Museum in Paris consists of the following:  A gift shop and a café that goes by the name Boutique du musée Rodin  A garden and two structures in it  The main structure i.e. the mansion which goes by the name Hôtel Biron. This wonderful museum has more than 6000 sculptures out of which many are housed off-site. Apart from this the exteriors feature well-manicured gardens and various sculptures created by Auguste Rodin. In addition to these you will find some other sculptures that were made by his student Camille Claudel. Head over to 77 Rue de Verenne to visit this beautiful museum with your loved ones.

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Got all the information you need about Paris Museums Now all you need to do is apply for a France Visa and visit Paris to tour these amazing museums with your friends or family. Visit here: museums-in-paris.html