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Romantic Stories Unit Eight


教学目的和要求 1. 视听说练习,展开语言实践活动,培养听说及交际能力。 2. 课内阅读学习,掌握语言学习方法,扩大词汇量,提高语言综合能力。 3. 课后阅读学习,提高阅读水平。 4. 写作及翻译训练


重点难点 重点:A True Love Story 文章理解及难句 分析。 难点:1) 核心词汇掌握。如:diminish, correspondence, passion, primarily 等。 2) 平行结构; so that句型


教学方法、教学手段 1、教学方法:采用“以学生为中心的主题教学模式”,课堂讲授与双向交流互动相结合;让学生多说多练,培养学生综合语言能力;辅以课本以外的学习及阅读材料。 2、教学手段:根据讲授过程中不同环节的需要,采用传统的口述、粉笔加黑板的手段与多媒体教学相结合。


Proverbs and Sayings We are never so helplessly unhappy as when we lose love.  爱情逝去,快乐也随之而去。 Real love stories never have endings.  真正的爱情故事没有结局。 Love can neither be bought nor sold; its only price is love.  爱情不能买卖,只能以爱来回报。


Group Discussion Which movie do you think is the most romantic one? Why? Would you please tell us what the most romantic thing is in your mind? Part one: Preparation and Warm-up


Discuss the following questions in pairs. Do you have online pals (网友)? Do you think having online pals is a good idea? What do you talk about with your online pals or what do you think people talk about with their online pals? SAMPLE: No, I don’t have any online pal. I don’t think it’s necessary to have them. For one thing, it’s a waste of time to talk to the strangers online. For another, online pals are far away from you, the don’t share the same experiences with you. Moreover, quite a few so-called online pals could not be completely trusted since the cyberspace is, to some extent, full of deceit.


Para. 1 Para. 2-3 Para. 4-6 Para. 7 One of the most famous love stories in history. Their lives before they knew each other. How they met and fell in love with each other. Their life together.


1. This love story is famous for its purity, its poetry, and its passion. (Line 3) He studied Greek, read a great deal, and wrote poetry at a very young age. (Line 24)


病人的症状是发烧、头晕、头痛。 他们在寻找一套有四间卧室,座落在山坡上的房子。


草原上早期的居民建造自己的家园又快、又简单、花费又少。 哈里渴望加薪并有一个更长的假期。 请找出下列句子中语法错误的一项。


Most of all, we can transform technology into productivity as quickly as possible. 最重要的是我们能尽可能快地把技术转化成生产力。 首先,我想对男女主人表达我的感激之情,谢谢你们的好客和 热烈的欢迎。 First of all, I want to express my great appreciation to my host and hostess for your hospitality and warm welcome. 2. But most of all, it is famous because their romance took place primarily by mail. (Line 4) most of all … “最主要的” 常用于句首,或作插入语。 相似的表达还有:first of all


so … that … 引导程度或结果状语从句 表示“如此······以致于······”。 3. He was so surprised and pleased that he decided to write her a letter. (Line 33)


我的家乡是那样遥远,我很少有机会回去。 My hometown is so far away that I have little chance to go back. His heart beat so fast that he could hardly breathe. 他心跳得很快以致于几乎喘不上气来。 老师应该尽可能地把情况解释清楚,以便每个学生都能理解 A teacher must always explain a situation as plainly as possible so that each student will understand.


4. A week later, without telling Elizabeth’s father, the happy couple eloped to Italy. (Line 55) without doing sth. + 句子 没做······,就······(样了)


 What are you reading?  A very interesting article, “ How to attract girls without saying a word.”  你在读什么?  非常有趣的一篇文章,“怎样不说一个字就能吸引女孩子?” How can you leave me so quickly without saying good-bye? 你怎能走得这么急,连一声再见也不说。


1. poet (Line 1, Para. 1) n. writer of poems 诗人 The story of Hollywood blockbuster “Troy” derives from _________ Homer’s epic “Iliad”. 好莱坞大片《特洛伊》的故事取自于古希腊诗人荷马的作品《伊里亚特》。 Greek poet


poetry (Line 3, Para. 1) n. 1) a quality of beauty, grace, and deep feeling 诗意,诗意般的美 This outstanding dancer’s performance on the stage ____________. 这位杰出舞蹈家在舞台上的表演就像一首诗。 is pure poetry 2) [U] poems(不可数名词)诗歌(总称),诗集 She is fond of Chinese poetry very much. 她非常喜欢中国诗歌


2) [U] poems(不可数名词)诗歌(总称),诗集 She is fond of Chinese poetry very much. 她非常喜欢中国诗歌。 She wrote first-rate poetry. 她写出了第一流的诗歌。 比较:poem [C] 诗歌,散文(可数名词)


2. passion (Line 4, Para. 1) n. a strong, deep, often uncontrollable feeling passionate adj. 热情的,感情强烈的,激昂的强烈的感情,激情 It is understandable that _________________________ at election time. 大选期间人们情绪激动是可以理解的。 people’s passion runs high His passion for collecting ancient coins made him blind to everything else. 他对于收藏古钱币的强烈爱好使他对于别的事情都是视而不见。 Li Yongbo, the head coach of China’s national badminton team, is a passionate lover of pop music.


3. primarily (Line 4, Para. 1) adv. in the first place; essentially 首先,主要地,基本地 primary adj. 第一的;基本的;主要的 Winning the qualification to take part in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is __________________________for many athletes. 对许多运动员来说,赢得参加2008年北京奥运会的资格是头等重要的事情。 As the principal of the project, you must _____________ ________________________. 作为工程的负责人,你必须承担这起事故的主要责任。 a matter of primary importance take the primary responsibility of the accident The flight was delayed _________ because of the fogs. primarily 航班延误了,主要是由于大雾。


4. correspondence (Line 37, Para. 5) n. 1) the act of exchanging letters 通信,通信联系 It is reported that the famous singer has been ___________________________. 据报道说这位著名歌手与自己的歌迷保持通信联系。 in correspondence with his fans “Tell It Like It Is”, a popular talk show program of CCTV, has a great deal of correspondence from audience to deal with every day. 深受观众欢迎的央视谈话节目《实话实说》每天都有大量的观众来信要处理。


There isn’t much correspondence between their views and ours. 他们的观点和我们的很不一致。 Is there any correspondence between the name on the envelope and that on the letter inside? 信封上的名字与里面信上的名字是否相同? 2) agreement, similarity 符合,一致;相称


5. intellectually (Line 42, Para. 5) adv. from a rational, not an emotional point of view; in a way that needs serious thought 智力方面,思维方面 intellectual adj. of or relating to the intellect; rational 智力的;需用智慧的 Intellectually speaking, the incident is very stimulating. 理智地讲,这件事很令人兴奋。


An intelligent person is someone with a quick and clever mind. intelligent 用来形容人的头脑的(先天的)敏捷和聪明。 An intellectual person is someone who is well-educated and interested in subjects which need long periods of study. intellectual 用来形容某人接受过良好的教育 和对某些需要长时间专业学习的事物有兴趣。 intellectual 和 intelligent 词义辨析


intellect 和 intelligence intellect: power of the mind to reason (contrasted with feeling and instinct) 理解力;悟力;智力(和感情与本能相对) eg. Intellect distinguishes man from animals. 智力使人区别于动物。 As we know, Albert Einstein is a man of intellect. 我们都知道爱因斯坦是有个有智慧的人。 intelligence: the power of seeing, learning, understanding and knowing; mental ability 智力;才智 eg. The children were given an intelligence test. 那些孩子们接受了智力测验。 When the water-pipe burst, she had the intelligence to turn the water off at the main. 当水管破裂时,她有头脑想到将总管关上。 词义辨析


They may now seemly regard Olympic gold medallist as the _____________of their team. 他们现在似乎把奥运冠军当作是他们运动队的精神领袖。 6. spiritually (Line 42, Para. 5) adv. in a manner indicating a purity of thought or feeling 精神上,心灵上 spiritual adj. of the spirit or soul; of religion 精神的;心灵的;宗教上的 spiritual leader He leads a colorful spiritual life. 他过着丰富的精神生活。


反义词形式:material adj. 1) made of, connected with, matter or substance 由物质构成的;物质的


2) of the body; of physical needs 身体的;肉体所需的 She’s too poor to satisfy her family’s material need. 她太穷了,无法满足她家里衣食的需要。 Material well-being does not necessarily bring about true happiness. 生活富足并不一定带来真正的幸福。


7. diminish (Line 57, Para. 7) vt. & vi. cause something to become smaller or less, decrease 减少,减小,降低 His illness gradually diminished his strength. 他的病让他的身体渐渐变得虚弱。 We have to admit that the popularity of such veteran singers as him has diminished with time. 我们必须承认像他这样的老歌手的受欢迎程度正随着时间而流逝。


1. World War II took place in 1945. 2. My grandfather drinks a great deal. 3. He was still working by the age of 65. 4. The teacher knows all his students by name. 5. The police have finally succeeded in solving the mystery. 6. He likes all kinds of sports, but most of all, basketball. 7. Talking on the phone is different from talking face to face. 8. They fell in love with each other because they had common interests.


She rarely left the house because she was very weak and sick with a lung disease. (Line 7) 对原因状语从句和假设状语从句的翻译可以遵循同一方法。“由于”、“因为”是汉语中常用来表示“因”的关联词。一般说来,汉语表“因”的分句在表“果”的分句之前,英语则比较灵活。但由于现代汉语受西方语言结构的影响,也有先“果”后“因”的情况。 (因为) 她患有严重的肺病,身子非常虚弱,所以 (因此) 几乎很少离开家。


The crops failed because the season was dry. 因为气候干燥,农物歉收。 You took me because I was useful. (因为)我有用,你才收留我。 The days were short, for it was now December. (因为)现在是12月,白天短了。


However, he was very strict and also eccentric — he refused to let any of his three daughters marry. (Line 11) 破折号在句中起到了强调、重复、补充、解释甚至转折的功能。此句的破折号起到了解释说明情况的作用,翻译时可以直接使用破折号或者采用一些表明逻辑关系的常用连词。由于原文突出破折号后面的部分,所以译文的顺序不宜改变。 然而他却是一个非常严厉而古怪的人 —— /(因为)他不许三个女儿中的任何一个结婚(要她们都留在自己身边)。


You cannot guess what you are to me — you cannot — it is not possible… 你无法猜测你对我意味着什么—— /(或许)你猜不到—— /(因为)那是不可能猜到的······ Of course not — we’re too busy eating those delicious sea foods. 当然没有—— /(那是因为)我们正忙着吃那些海鲜呢。


A week later, without telling Elizabeth’s father, the happy couple eloped to Italy. (Line 55) 就句子结构而言,英文的简单句在必要时可用合句法加以处理。如果两个或两个以上的简单句包含同一表述焦点或话题,往往可以合并。 一周后,这对快乐的夫妻没有告诉伊丽莎白的父亲,私奔到了意大利。


What a pleasant surprise! I shall be delighted to meet you on Friday, 16th February, at the International Hotel. 没想到将能于2月16日(星期五)在国际饭店与您见面,我感到十分高兴。 His eyes were arrogantly cold. There was no light in them, no feeling, no interest. 他的目光傲慢冷酷,痴呆无光,淡漠无情。 She was not ugly; she had simply a plain, dull, gentle appearance. 她长相不丑,面容平平,迟钝中有几分温柔。


按照要求完成下面的作文 Directions: Making friends online is becoming more and more popular with youth. Some of them even find their boyfriends or girlfriends through online chatting and e-mails. Please write a passage entitled “Relationships That Develop on the Internet” in at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese: 1. 网恋现象非常普遍; 2. 年轻人尝试网恋的原因; 3. 你对网恋的看法。


Nowadays a growing number of young people are excited to seek their Prince Charming (白马王子) or Snow White on the Internet. They are encouraged by such nicknames (昵称) as “beautiful air hostess (空姐)”, “smart boy”, “sweet girl”, “ideal lover” and “do you know I am waiting for you”. Any online love story will make their imagination go wild. If some youngsters announce they have found a boyfriend or girlfriend on the Internet, people around them won’t feel surprised. Relationships That Develop on the Internet


Youngsters give different reasons for their attempts to locate their Romeo and Juliet. Some believe that developing online relationship is romantic and poetic. Though they have opportunities to develop romantic relationship in the real world, they still desire to encounter another unexpected relationship in the virtual (虚拟的) world. Some hold that the Internet gives them endless chances to know peoples from different backgrounds and cultures, so it could widely expand communication scope and they have a broader choice. Still some maintain that since they are shy and afraid of refusal, they could avoid embarrassment or losing face even if their online relationship comes to an end. The list of reasons could go on and on.


According to my understanding, we should be aware that treat and trick are always the two sides of developing relationships online. Firstly, we have to keep in mind that behind every ID or email address is a live person in the reality and young people pursuing romantic relationships are limited by practical problems. Secondly, just as a popular saying goes, “On the Internet you are what you type.” When we encounter a heart-throbbing online relationship, we may encounter cheating and dishonesty as well. As a platform, the Internet offers strangers opportunities to become friends. What we need is awareness, judgment, and reasoning ability.

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