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Shipping Group joins Intelligence Community in promoting stability and peace from every port around the world. The launch of HUSH, LLC. makes new revenue available for ship operators and improves security by turning thousands of maritime vessels into surveillance platforms. HUSH hubs provide a global network at sea-level to curb piracy, terrorism, and crime.


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I.M. Skaugen, Bahrainlng, I.M. Skaugen SE

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InQtel & I.M. Skaugen Join Forces Launch New Venture: HUSH, LLC.

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Hush Hub ® Brought to you by HUSH , LLC.

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Our equipment on your vessel. What it means: 1. Owners receive new revenue (Hosting fee) 2. Owners receive crew moral/efficiency report 3. Intelligence community gathers raw data 4. Piracy, Terrorism, Crime, and Mutiny avoided. Every maritime vessel can be a surveillance platform. Hush Hub ®

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A maritime revolution . What it is: 1. Existing and additional equipment networked 2. Comprehensive database compiled in real time 3. Vessels become safer and more profitable 4. Thousands of ships become thousands of eyes Piracy, Terrorism, Crime, Crew... We’re watching. Hush Hub ®

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More security , more income . How it works: 1. RADAR, AIS, Radio Scanner: recorded/uplinked 2. Cameras, Intercom, Mobiles: recorded/uplinked 3. Comprehensive database compiled in real time 4. Instant report delivery to owners/security forces Realtime key data isolated/delivered = Omniscience . Hush Hub ®

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Installation fast and invisible . What it looks like: HUSH gear doesn’t look, act, or quack like a duck Hush Hub ® Not this.. …or this

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Automatic deployment when far from observation: “Invisible and non-existent look very much alike” Hush Hub ® Alongside At sea

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Our equipment looks completely ordinary : Hush Hub ® Ordinary phone..? Other HUSH gear Records voice and SMS Too ordinary to notice

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Hush Hub ® Brought to you by HUSH, LLC.

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Founding partners: I.M. Skaugen Group 35%, In-Q-Tel 35% Minority partners include several key players from the intelligence community, the IT industry, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, and Noga Holding. Hush, LLC

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I.M. Skaugen: I.M. Skaugen controls a pool of vessels which visit ports of interest around the globe. Additionally, I.M. Skaugen heads a group of Maritime subsidiaries which connect varied business partners in the chartering of petrochemical vessels, ship building, crew management and more. IMS brings hands on ability, petrochemical partnerships, and highly mobile platforms to the advantage of HUSH, LLC. Hush, LLC

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In-Q-Tel: In-Q-Tel's mission is to identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge technologies. Working from an evolving strategic blueprint defining the Intelligence Community's (IC) critical technology needs, In-Q-Tel engages with entrepreneurs, growth companies, researchers, and venture capitalists to deliver technologies that provide superior capabilities. In-Q-Tel concentrates on three broad commercial technology areas: software, infrastructure and material sciences . In-Q-Tel engaged more than 90 companies delivering 120+ tech solutions to the IC . Hush, LLC

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Our security comes from their uncertainty: Life just got harder for pirates, terrorists, criminals, and malcontents. Vessel owners don’t have to be helpless anymore. Hush, LLC

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HUSH , LLC. Website : www.bahrainlng.com Email: [email protected] Tel1 :+973 38395964 Tel2:+973 38386541 Steady as she goes…