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Vietnam is a beautiful picturesque travel destination for tourists. Apart from being abundant in natural beauty rich in culture and food and inexpensive getting the visa for Vietnam is a very simple procedure as they permit Vietnam visa on arrival as well. Who needs Vietnam visa Vietnam Visa which is a requisite for all the foreigners to exit and enter Vietnam. It gives you the freedom to enter at any one of the three international airports: Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Da Nang.

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 Tourists are usually requested to arrange Vietnam Visa before the departure from the country they are travelling from by applying for Approval Letter online first this letter is received by email and you can get the visa stamped on your passport at the airports in Vietnam upon your arrival.  After the approval letter is received by the person who has applied for the visa he needs to get his Visas Stamped on his passports at Vietnam Airports upon arrival.  The official website Vietnam Visa will help you abridge the process of attaining a visa for travel to Vietnam. Their online application is immediate and uncomplicated as well as fully supported. It is also recommended that you choose to get a Visa on Arrival as getting your visa at all Vietnamese international airports is very straightforward and handy.

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Apply for a Vietnam Visa online in 4 simple steps:  The first and foremost step is to fill the secured online application form.  Write down your full name in the correct spelling the same as mentioned in your passport. The placement of the name is not necessary and hence surname or first name either of them can be written first.  Mention the correct birth date in the format dd-mm-yy.  Select your nationality from the drop down option as mentioned in your passport. The passport needs to be legitimately valid for six months after the date of arrival.

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 Provide the number of your passport. The passport is a mandatory applicable for a minimum of six months after you have listed the date of your arrival.  Write down the date of arrival. You can be permitted to enter after the mentioned date of arrival and not before  Clear passport picture is imperative for verification at Vietnam airport.  Confirm and then pay: the portal accepts all the major transaction cards including Visa MasterCard and American Express.  Accept and then print the Letter of Approval: Once you yield your application be ready for the payment as they will start processing your visa request. An Approval Letter will be sent via email in 2 business days. You need to print the PDF file attached and arrange two 4cm x 6cm photos of passport size.

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 Finally you will get the visa stamp after arrival at any of the three international airports in Vietnam.  T r a v el l er s’ can also apply for visas to holiday in Vietnam through any of their local Vietnam Embassies. For further particulars on applying through an embassy visit Vietnam Embassy Worldwide. VISA PROCEDURE AT VIETNAM AIRPORTS:  Inside the airport you can find an arrival hall which has the Landing Counter for Visa in the front portion of the checkpoint counter you need to organize necessary documents for visa stamp: y o u’l l need your original passport legitimate for a period of 6 months along with leftover pages two 4×6 cm passport size photos and entry/exit.

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