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   Michelangelo :

   Michelangelo Yessica Vazquez

Table of contents:

Table of contents 3. Who was Michelangelo? 4. Early Life 5. Who was Michelangelo influenced by? 6. David 7. Pieta 8. The last judgment 9. Bacchus 10. Other works by Michelangelo 11. References

Who was Michelangelo?:

Who was Michelangelo? Michelangelo is considered to be one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance period. Born March 6, 1475, in Caprese, Italy He was the first artist that was recognized during his life time The first western artist whose biography was published when he was still alive. Italian Sculptor Painter Engineer Poet Architect

Early Life:

Early Life His full name is Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni At age 6, he was sent to Florence grammar school but he showed no interest in schooling. His father realized he had no interest in the family’s financial business and agree to send him to the painter Ghirlandaio to be trained as an apprentice at age 13 H e learned the technique of Fresco and draftsmanship At age 15 he began to study sculpture His first amazing piece was the Pieta

Who was Michelangelo influenced by?:

Who was Michelangelo influenced by? D onatello Lorenzo de’ Medici Giovanni Pico della Mirandola


David Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504 17.0 ft. tall Weights 12,478.12 lbs. Made out of solid marble Represents the Biblical hero David Its located at the Accademia Gallery, in Florence, Italy


Pieta Features the body of Jesus placed on the lap of the virgin Mary after the savior’s crucifixion, and removal from the cross, before he was placed in the tomb. Created 1948-1499 It is placed in Vatican City, at St. Peters Basilica Pieta is the only work Michelangelo ever signed His signature can be found across Mary’s chest. Pieta is also the piece that made Michelangelo famous when he was only 24 years old.

The last judgment:

The last judgment Features the ending of the world where the judgement is going to be held in front of Christ. Painted between 1536-1541 539.3 in x 472.4 in The last judgment is a breathtaking fresco by Michelangelo Pope Paul III believed in the artistic abilities of Michelangelo and commissioned him to paint this painting. It is also one of the last works of art by Michelangelo


Bacchus The Roman God of Wine Created: 1496-1497 Medium: Marble Location: Museo Nazionale del Bargello Height 80 in, 203 cm

Other works of Michelangelo:

Other works of Michelangelo The creation of Adam is a fresco painting that forms part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling It shows God the father creating Adam The Creation of Adam Moses Sistine Chapel Ceiling St. Matthew


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