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Unique Cigs, Inc provides various brands of Electronic Cigarettes in Syracuse NY. It also offers free and fast shipping through its online ecig store.


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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits By www.uniquecigs.com

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Electronic cigarettes, often called e-cigarettes, are battery-operated devices designed to look like regular tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine which creating a vapor cloud that resembles cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular because there are an incredible number of benefits. Electric Cigarettes are reusable, and doesn’t produce harmful smoke. About Electronic Cigarettes

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Getting started with electronic cigarettes has never been easier. Purchasing a starter kit will give you everything you need to begin. Starter kits come in many different makes and models. They vary in size, price, and style. The benefit to the consumer is that they can effectively get different products according to their specific needs. Electronic cigarette starter kits contain everything you need to start for a unique vaping experience. Firefly CE5 Kit KGO CE5 Kit KGO Pyrex DCT Lily E-Cigarette Starter Kits

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Firefly CE5 Kit The Firefly kit offers the latest and greatest in electronic cigarette technology and uses the CE5 Clearomizer that makes re-filling easier than ever - yet still provides AWESOME vapor quality!

KGO CE5 Kit:

KGO CE5 Kit The KGO CE5 Kit comes with two of the longest battery capacities available as well as the clearomizer or “CE-5″ technology! These KGO batteries are an 1100 mAh battery which provides most pack a day smokers 1-2 days on a single battery charge!

KGO Pyrex DCT :

KGO Pyrex DCT The KGO DCT Starter Kit is certainly NOT for light weights! It uses a DCT system that packs quite a punch! The “Dual Coil” means that it has TWO heating elements or coils inside the cartomizer. On top of that they measure a very LR Low Resistance of 1.50hm. With the DC technology and the LR cartomizer you get vapor production that is much more heated than normal and delivers a very warm throat hit!

Lily E-Cigarette:

Lily E-Cigarette The Lily E-Cigarette is an eye catching, slim, and elegantly designed e-cig especially for women. This system allows you to use a refillable cartridge, that is hidden under the colorful mouthpiece .

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