Seventh Heaven Tea - The Right Tea For your Body and Soul

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Seventh Heaven Tea - The Right Tea For your Body and Soul We all are aware that a perfect cup of tea can help us deal with the blues and bring comfort. Chinese researchers have recently revealed that finding the right blend of tea can revitalize the mind boost the creativity and sharpen the cognitive functions of the brain. Seventh Heaven Tea - A Soulful Blend of Flavors It is essentially a black tea imbibing different fruit flavours and is enriched with beauty and health benefits of tea. Seventh Heaven Tea is produced by oxidizing the Camellia sinensis leaves and let it dry to release the moisture. Its manufacturing method is one of the reasons why this tea is popular all across the globe. As soon as all the moisture drained out it is exposed to high temperatures. Furthermore the oxidation level determined the colour and flavour of the tea. The colour of this heavenly tea can vary from deep amber warm brown with golden hues. Health Benefits of the Tea It carries the ability to reduce the high cholesterol level boost heart health bone health and increase mental focus. Due to its many benefits the Seventh Heaven Tea is loved all around the world. The tea is also enriched with polyphenols that entail anti-oxidant properties and have the ability to prevent DNA damages. This opens the possibility to delay ageing and all degenerative consequences associated with it. There are two fundamental compounds in this black tea- Theaflavins and Thearubigins that offer different health benefits. Moreover the tea is low in calories and prevents food cravings. It relieves from digestive discomfort and reduces stress fever and nausea.

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Blend of Fruity Flavors The prominence of Seventh Heaven Tea is not limited to the aforementioned health benefits. This strong black tea is infused with natural aroma and a perfect bouquet of fruits. Many tropical fruits are freeze dried and then blended into this team accentuating its flavour. Tropical fruits such as watermelon oranges and raspberries are popularly added to the tea but Sevenths Heaven has also incorporated melon and other tropic fruits to give the tea an exotic flavour. It is a dessert in a cup minus the unhealthy calories and boosted with health benefits. How to Prepare Seventh Heaven Tea You need to carefully prepare this tea in order to get maximum flavour out of it. Here is how you prepare this exotic flavoured tea:-  Heat water in a kettle and wait for it to come to a boiling point.  Turn off the stove when it gets around 85-90-degree Centigrade.  Place the tea bag in the cup and pour water into it.  Let it steep for around three minutes till the color turns rich and dark. A Tea for Body Mind and Soul Boosted with health and beauty benefits Seventh Heaven is an exotic black tea that is popular amongst tea lover across the globe. A soothing cup of this flavorful tea can rejuvenate your mind and body and help you combat the weekday blues and maintain a strong well-being.