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Messages of Misbehaviour : 

Messages of Misbehaviour Understanding Challenging Behaviours

Jason : 

Jason For the most part, Jason’s transition to Grade 1 has been smooth. He is becoming familiar with the class schedule and takes comfort in the daily routines. Like many first graders, Jason particularly enjoys gym and recess. Recently there have been some changes in the schedule that have confused and frustrated Jason. First, there were a couple of indoor recesses due to inclement weather and then gym was cancelled because the gym teacher went home sick. Jason has begun to ask about recess and gym dozens of times a day. Everyone is growing tired of answering his endless questions about this. Because of his perseveration on this topic, Jason is experiencing difficulty focusing on the other activities of his school day.

Why does he do that? : 

Why does he do that? Behaviour is communication. It has meaning. Understanding behaviour begins with looking for the messages behaviour is conveying. Much of the challenging behaviour we see is communicating three common messages:

Messages of Misbehaviour : 

Messages of Misbehaviour I have an unmet need I lack skills There is a lack of fit

Skills : 

Skills Anger management Problem solving Conflict resolution Social skills Communication Academic

Lack of fit : 

Lack of fit Student Temperament Learning style Culture Abilities and experience Environment Classroom set-up Curriculum Daily schedule Teaching style