Everything You Should Know About Travel SEO


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TravQ has been providing its clients with travel SEO services to travel agencies for years and has tremendous success in this field.


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Everything You Should Know About Travel SEO As we all know that the internet holds to some degree incredible capacity to help advertising and brand awareness to a specific firm/organization. The web holds a superior position with regards to advancing a travel-related element for example travel sites/companies/agents. In order to get your existence noticed in the market where millions are competing you must get your business listed on the first page of the search engine. There’re many travel SEO agencies that are helping travel businesses to give travel business a makeover on an online platform. ​TravQ ​ ​is a travel business-driven organization that gives travel SEO services to various travel agencies/agents around the world. Why you need Travel SEO If you are having a travel website or blog you need to have a pretty good idea about SEO. The first thing you should know why it is so important for your online presence a success. Why would someone need SEO for the travel business Let’s get going with the pointers. ● Helps in gaining more leads from the search ● Cost-effective than the PPC Pay Per Click method ● It guarantees the growth of your business From the above information you might be aware of now that why it is important to do SEO of a travel website. Actually when done right travel SEO acts as a masterstroke strategy to propel your travel businesses’ presence over the internet. It allows travel website to retain

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the top position in the search engines. Let’s discuss some of the ways to optimize your travel website . Local SEO Local SEO is a method of optimizing a website so that the website pops up when people search for your location or searching through the area near your physical business place. ● Verify your business address after creating a Google Business profile. ● Make sure you’re feeding accurate descriptions contact information photos and other info required for your business. ● Schema information should be added to the homepage. ● Addition of local address on your homepage. ● Page titles should be optimized properly H1 tag and descriptions should act as a reference to your location. ● Get good quality links from highly trusted local websites. ● Keep all the information business name address and phone number the same across all different channels. Homepage SEO We all know the homepage is a vital page of all kind of websites. Talking about travel websites it’s importance gets a major turn. It is considered as the backbone of a travel website. Optimizing it can let you experience some amazing results. Here’s a list o some content that you must include on your website’s homepage. ● Alluring pictures ● Pictures showing happy people enjoying their holidays ● Exciting deals ● Most popular content from your blog posts ● Few lines about your business that can influence your visitors to go with your deals and offers. Technical SEO Apart from the above factors you should keep an eye on the technical SEO as well. It plays a vital role in the successfull travel website. For example things like page speed responsive design correct use of canonical URLs the custom 404 page correct implementation of Hreflang tags Pagination optimization of images and videos sitemaps and many more are required for site optimization. Link building In simple words link building is the process of getting other sites to redirect links back to your website. So what you think why you be building links We all know Google’s algorithms are complex and evolve by time still there’s so much importance of backlinks as they determine how every search engine determines which sites rank for which keywords. Building links is one of the popular methods to carry out search engine optimization SEO because links indicate Google that your website has a quality content resource that needs some citation. Sites having more backlinks are likely to get a higher rank on the search engine.

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Blogging Blogging goes very well with travel businesses also. There’s no better method to get backlinks for your site than making new content and posting it on your website or remotely to some other sites. It is considered as a top instrument to excel travel SEO for travel businesses. As we are discussing travel-related blogs no doubt it ought to be fascinating and exciting at the same time. This increases visitors as it helps in landing visitors on your site through your backlinks. The world is comprised of a few outlandish destinations which you can highlight in your wordings to make your blog crisp and full of excitement. Social SEO The vast majority have known about SEO and the vast majority have known about and are most likely engaged with somewhat social media — a term which extensively implies sites for example Facebook and Twitter that depend on clients interacting and communicating with different clients and transferring or sharing content. The crossover between the two is called social SEO and is used for handling social media to improve your business’ search engine rankings. Since positive social media activities around your site make it simpler/quicker to rank your site in search engines and acts as an indirect method of presenting your content to a more extensive group of people. By doing so you can have an upper hand in the market. If you are finding it difficult doing yourself you can always avail travel SEO services from companies which are expertise in these fields. Summing up we can say SEO acts as an important tool that will leverage your travel business. TravQ has been providing its clients with ​travel SEO services ​ to travel agencies for years and has tremendous success in this field. With a large number of travelers relying upon the internet to avail of different services it is a golden opportunity for any business in the travel industry to make the most out of it through proper implementation of on-page and off-page SEO.

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