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With technological advances in electrical equipment and circuits come more challenges for electricians and technicians. These advances not only require more capability in today’s test equipment, but more skills on the part of the people who use them. An electrician who has a good grounding in the fundamentals of test equipment use will be better prepared for today’s testing and troubleshooting challenges. The clamp meter is a important and common tool found in the tool boxes of electricians and technicians a like. A clamp meter is an electrical tester that combines a volt-meter with a clamp-type current meter. Like the multi-meter, the clamp meter has passed through the analog period and into the digital world of today. Originally created primarily as a single purpose test tool for electricians, today’s models have incorporated more measurement functions, more accuracy, and in some instruments, some very special measurement features. Today’s clamp meters have most of the basic functions of a digital multi-meter (DMM), but with the added feature of a current transformer built into the product. More visit:- http://www.tradusway.com/test-measure/clamp-meter.html/


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