The Power of Activism

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The Power ofACTIVISM : 

The Power ofACTIVISM By: Victoria Letterman

And so it all began… : 

And so it all began… My roommate and I began collecting pre-postage paid cards from magazines

Dividing It Up : 

We split up the cards by the type of magazine that we had gotten them from: Magazines with fake women: Cosmopolitan Redbook Magazines with real women: Weight Watchers Magazine Good Housekeeping Dividing It Up

Making A Statement : 

After dividing up the cards, we began our mission Making A Statement

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We each took a stack of cards…

Slide 6: 

Different things were written on different cards: Thank You For Using Real Women… or Quit Using Skinny Girls; Use Real Women!!!

We Finally Finished… : 

We Finally Finished… We finished our activism with a sense of pride…

Slide 8: 

And a sense of empowerment!

Standing Up for Women Everywhere : 

The postcards were mailed The Activism project brought along a new sense of empowerment and respect More time and preparation could have been taken Standing Up for Women Everywhere

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