actividad cultural 2

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Actividad Cultuaral 2

How do I feel about the topic?:

How do I feel about the topic? Unit 2 was a little different from unit 1. I knew the basic language but this unit was speaking about classes, and schedules. It was something for me to learn.

Compared to my culture?:

Compared to my culture? In my culture we go to school as kids. We have a lot of the classes that this unit talked about. Next semester in school I will be taking History, Art, and Math. This unit was helpful to me because I am able to speak my classes in Spanish.

Personal experience with this?:

Personal experience with this? I have not really had any personal experience with this unless taking Spanish in elementary counts. We would talk about the class and the things in it, just like this unit does.

Personal opinion?:

Personal opinion? I liked this unit. Because I do go to school its interesting to be able to tell someone the classes I take in Spanish.

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