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Find the Top Radio Imaging Voice Talent at! Call Tony Pasquale at 1-877-738-6423. Tony Pasquale is fortunate to be that final piece for a production team; adding the professional voice to all their hard work.


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TONYVO.COM Tony Pasquale is a professional male voice over talent & New York based voice actor with Telos Zephyr ISDN and source connect voice over studio. Call on 1-877-738-6423. Tony Pasquale is fortunate to be that final piece for a production team; adding the professional voice to all their hard work. CLICK HERE for more info about our services.

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TONYVO.COM What Not T o D o W hile F inding M ale V oice O ver The voice-over market is crowded these days. It seems every other person with a microphone is offering a ‘ professional female and/or male voice over ’ . In the midst of it all, while you may be aware of what to look for to spot out male voice talent, you must avoid a few important things as well. Read on to discover some of the top dos and ‘ do- nots ’ for finding a voice over.

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TONYVO.COM All you need to know about ISDN Voice Over ISDN, or the Integrated Services Digital Network, is what allows voice-recording studios to link digitally, facilitating the simultaneous sending and receiving of audio files all over the world. Through ISDN, voice-talent at one studio can connect with the client/producer in a studio at a separate location. Being digitally connected allows the client to listen to the voice over recording in real time. ISDN voice over is extremely popular in the industry, and some of the best talents offer their services in the form of ISDN voice talent .

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TONYVO.COM What Is ISDN All A bout? ISDN has been around since 1986, and even now, after 30 years, continues to be the gold standard of recording studios, bringing voice talents to all corners of the globe without any limitations. If you have never used it or are wondering as to what ISDN could mean for you, then read on. What does ISDN mean for you? As a client, ISDN means that you are not limited to searching voice over talent by its geographic location. Some of the best talent that you may find could provide its services via ISDN voice over , and it will be just like being present in the same studio at the artist. Normally, a studio of your choosing will be able to connect with the talent, but going at it alone can be a significant investment. However, there are other alternatives to ISDN. A few software options are available that can stimulate ISDN units and work over your existing internet connection. This eliminates the need of getting special setups with your phone lines, also bringing down the costs considerably. However, the software will still have an investment, and learning curve for application to your workflow.

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TONYVO.COM So What S hould Y ou D o? While the number of businesses and people offering voice over is quite high, you cannot just trust everyone out there. If you have a business that can afford the costs and will require ISDN voice over quite frequently or for a large project, then setting up your own ISDN unit may be the most feasible option for getting quality results. All you need to do as you search for ISDN voice Actor is do your research thoroughly. Since you cannot yourself meet the artist or company in most cases, getting a few samples is a great way to know the kind and quality of work you can expect.Before making a decision, ask what others have to say about the artist and the company. This will help you make an informed decision to get what you want.

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TONYVO.COM How Voice Over Talent Can Help Your Business You cannot just randomly advertise and market your brand everywhere, can you? Connecting with your target market is essential to growing your sales and your brand, and one of the best ways to do that is by using voice over commercials. Read More .

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