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Frankenstein: A modern myth:

Frankenstein: A modern myth

Documentary type:

Documentary type The documentary type is mixed It features archive footage from film adaptations of the novel clips from popular culture Voice of god narration Observational footage of the development of the play


Themes Horror Mary Shelley Religion Creation Loneliness

Misc en scene :

Misc en scene Dark lighting Ragged and old clothing Black and White Castles Old buildings

Camera :

Camera Medium close up of black and white image representing the period in which the documentary is based on Establishing shot of authors house to give gothic atmosphere Pan of human body to signify the object in question


Mise -en-scene Human bodies Gothic architecture Studios Performing clothes representing theatrical interpratations Dim lighting to signify the gothic nature of frankenstein


Editing Slow editing representing that the novel was set some time ago Musical montages signifies the passing of the story through the generations Graphics of title and name of speaker


Sound Heavy metal music Diegetic sound of speakers Non diegetic sounds of thunder representing the horror story Non diegetic sound of screaming