The Simpsons 20th anniversary special documentary

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The Simpsons 20th anniversary special documentary :

The S impsons 20 th anniversary special documentary

Type of documentary:

Type of documentary Mixed Interviews Non linear narrative Archive footage Observational footage Voice of god narrration

Documentary themes:

Documentary themes Comedy Animation America Families Success Cartoons Voice actors


Mise -en-scene Yellow signifying the colour of the simpsons Pens Pads Microphones Studios Cartoons American suburbs much like those seen in the simpsons


Camera Close up of v oice actors reading lines Close ups of drawings representing the intricacy of the drawing process Medium close ups of speakers Tracking shot to represent scale of animating studio


Cutaways Outside the studio to represent the size of the studio Outside of the fictional town of springfeild Footage of voice actors talking

Archive footage :

Archive footage Footage of animators making new episodes of The Simpsons Footage of old simpsons episodes Footage of old interviews Footage of deleted scenes

Editing :

Editing Straight cuts common of the documentary genre Pace of editing to represent the fast passing of time from the earlier episodes Fading to represent the death of people who used to work on the S impsons

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