In the teeth of Jaws

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In the teeth of Jaws:

In the teeth of Jaws

Themes of the documentary:

Themes of the documentary Film Sharks Steven Spielberg Novels Actors Special effects Probs Marthas vineyard

Type of documentary:

Type of documentary Mixed documentary - Archive footage of the film itself -Voice of god narration -Non linear narrative -Observational footage of crew developing and filming Jaw

Mise en scene:

Mise en scene The sea representing the theme of sharks and other forms of sealife Cameras representing the theme of film Sharks Mechanical devices

Camera work:

Camera work Medium close ups of interviewees Zoom of workers building jaws prop to signify extensive work Close up of finished jaws Establishing shot of the beach Long shot of Coastline representing scale of the ocean

Archive footage :

Archive footage Making of the film Making of the physical Jaws prop Archive footage of filming locations Footage of the sea Old footage of the residents of Martha’s Vineyard representing a town used to tradition

Editing :

Editing Straight cuts like other traditional documentaries

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