That Thing-Lara Croft

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That Thing-Lara Croft :

That Thing-Lara Croft

Type of Documentary:

Type of Documentary The documentary is mixed Features archive material Voice of God narration Interviews Non linear narrative as starts with advert for Lara Croft game


Themes Gaming Lara Croft Film Gender Female Gamers Sexism


Camera POV shot- Walking into cyber cafe giving insight on what it’s really like to be in there Tracking shot- Also in used in internet cafe Medium close up of people being interviewed to give clear view of person speaking Tilt- Gives audience feeling of staring at a geniune pc screen

Misc en scene :

Misc en scene -Computers Screens Projectors Game consoles Female attire Weapons

Editing :

Editing Cuts (traditional documentary feature) Fast motion representing speed of technology Out of focus background allows audience to focus on the interviewee Projector of Lara Croft on interviewee Non- capitilized fonts on speakers similar to that of a video game Speech bubbles represents matters of opinion


Sound Fast paced electronic dance music representing a technological theme Madonna a strong female icon much like Lara Croft Diegetic sound of interviewees but none of interviewers

Archive material:

Archive material Magazines Adverts Film footage of LC Game footage also Websites

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